Whistleblower EXPOSES NHS Test & Trace Scandal

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Whistleblower EXPOSES NHS Test & Trace Scandal

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. I am afraid I am seriously thinking of no longer subscribing to your channel you constantly call out media for government bashing and yet as every day goes by you get worse as someone who is part of the app trail I can tell you it works and works but it has been blocked by Apple why you may ask could it be because Apple want your data I can assure you Apple google Facebook and the like gather more data about you than any government the biggest threat to our privacy is big businesses like Apple and google

  2. What a confused young man this is. Inefficiencies bureaucrats civil servant then it actually government. Cummings was behind this app fiascos. Wasted public money and will mean more people will die as we have no trace & track for months. Germany already have theirs rolled out. Our government is failing its people why because Cummings saw a chance to harvest more of his precious big data.
    Cummings is an unelected bureaucrat.

  3. If you go to settings in your mobile, go to apps and type in the search bar: "covid". You will find that they downloaded the add through the back door and it's invisible in your app list. I have not found a way to delete it. We have been traced. Want it or not.

  4. As of today Brazil has 1.1 mil Covid cases and 50 000 deaths. The UK has 300 000 cases and 42 000 deaths. The NHS is performing rather poorly compared to the Brazilian health services.

  5. I worked in the NHS for years. The NHS was never ever good at IT, millions have been wasted over the years on all sorts of IT schemes. I was gobsmacked when they said they would let the NHS create the scheme….and here we go again more money down the drain when we can ill afford it!

  6. What idiots you are buying into this tracing app, it's pure 1984 Orwell. They are herding you all exactly where you belong. You won't need a brain soon, all they will have to do is tie a phone on a string in front of your faces like a donkey has a carrot!

  7. Hahahaha the Google Apple app will protect privacy, clearly said by someone who doesn't understand that HTTP is based on IP & TCP. In other words, every time your phone updates the list of infected keys it will send your IP Address (and therefore physical location) to Google or Apple.

    Sounds private to me ;).

  8. Khan inciting violence through his religion of peace, BBC protected Saville, Stormzy creating racism with his drill music and racist support for blacks only, Hamilton hates his white mum, police pandering to violent mobs, (antifa & blm). Supreme court unpicking our security for their terrorist supporters. My country slowly being eroded by the hard Left.