White House ADMITS That Inflation in 2022 Will Be INSANE, Polls Look DEVASTATING For Democrats


The White House WARNS that inflation will be ‘extraordinarily elevated’ in 2022 as Jen Psaki accidentally admits that Biden has screwed the economy. In a SHOCKING new poll more than half of American’s blame Biden and Democrats for rising gas prices. Meanwhile, China is building 100 missile silos with nuclear capabilities. Here we go again.

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Written by MR. OBVIOUS


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  1. The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan the border crisis the flood of illegal aliens the draconian Covid China virus BS that’s taking place and yes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is all Biden‘s fault absolutely 100% this would not have happened these catastrophes would not have happened if Donald Trump had been in office

  2. At this point I wonder if it is even worth being allied with the USA anymore, It is run by a clown who lives in a fantasy world. Europe and the rest of the world I suggest should join Russia and China for their own futures to be secure.

  3. The world has always wanted to take the US down, yet they couldn't. Not without the help from the inside. The great reset and the nwo is real. Anyone that doesn't know history will die.

  4. #makepubliclynchingathingagain

    Biden, psaki, harris, gates, trump, fauci, all politicians will be strung up.

    Even if you're "right" wing, you are the same problem as the left. Until you figure that out you'll keep getting what you're getting. You are just as indoctrinated as the woketards.

  5. Please do not spew nonsense and say that due to inflation your house will be worth 50%. It will not. Even you later on show the graph that clearly shows that the housing prices increase almost perfectly with the 13% inflation. Same as precious metal (gold etc.) Those commodities will just increase in price alongside inflation as the currency plummets due to inflation/hyperinflation.

  6. Headline: "Poll says most people disapprove of Biden/Democrats performance"
    Also, same headline " Damn near everybody insists that we need more sanctions on Russia"
    This is elementary tier propaganda, and it works like this:
    I agree with point A, or I'll just move on to some other thing to read
    If I agree with point A, then point B will likely appeal to me, so I'll read that.
    propaganda happens
    Conclusion: I strongly agree with some of the message, and most people agree with the second half of the message (the "boost support for sanctions payload"), therefore, even if I don't agree with point B, I'm subconciously moving toward accepting it when it happens (even though most people probably do NOT support increased sanctions, as that was part of why Point A was true to begin with)
    Come on, Mr Obvious. This was an easy one you could have pointed out for everyone's benefit.

  7. I hate Jen Psaki so much.
    And I hate people who continue to support their disastrous policies, because they're the ones who put us in this mess.
    You should hate them too.

  8. Blame Putin for everything. Lmao. Such great leaders, blame everyone but yourselves, avoid all responsibility. All characteristics of great leadership, so brave.

  9. Print half of the money ever printed while the economy is stagnating and the inflation is only in the single digits or in the low double digits? Ye I smell a classic case of lying with statistics.

  10. This administration has done little to help the people actually paying them to run the country. Its very obvious to most this group of baboons is in way over their head and too freaked out to ask for meaningful and subtantial help.

  11. Ukrainian president has been committing war crimes calling for foreign people to fight a war against Russian soldiers but only giving 10 bullets and AK47 and sending these foreigners to the front lines and if they back out the Ukrainian soldiers will shoot them and kill them. Some American citizens who went to Ukraine to join and fight are scared for their lives in the mess that they got themselves into . The Ukrainian commanders are doing war crimes against humanity they are sending foreigners I'll equipment to fight.

  12. Having watched someone be so loud and obnoxious at times bring a hurting country up and into happiness and they cant figure out how they did it caught up with these fools. It must be scary living in their world.

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