White House CUTS Biden’s Feed After He Asks A Question At News Conference

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join Dan Hollaway, US Army veteran and host/managing director of Drinkin’ Bros and American Party podcasts, to break down the White Houses’ decision to cut Joe Biden’s feed when he attempts to ask a question at a news conference.

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  1. Trump was a good President. I would say on a good day, maybe bordering the line of a great President. The thing is, he won't be remembered for the good he's done. The left won't let him be remembered for his numerous peace deals, or his thriving economy, or his immigration policies. During his term, they overshadowed every good thing he did, so that he wouldn't win a second term.

    Biden and his administration are all failures. They've failed every single American time and time again, in under 1 single year. In this year, they have failed the American people more time's than Trump has in 4 years. You have Biden's horrific pull-out from Afghanistan, his terrible economy, his immigration policies that are letting illegal aliens right to our door. He can't even be asked a question because they're afraid he's going to shit the god-damned bed on live television.

    This entire administration is a sham. Pelosi, Biden, Harris, Psaki, they all belong in prison. Not running our Country.

  2. I like to listen to you guys but many times your facts are incorrect. You hear something you make your own conclusion. Work out facts or understanding the events. And you assume them as facts. Well you know the saying.

  3. The problem with ALL you fuckers is you don't know how to behave anymore! You just think you're going to do what you want! You ALWAYS, first and FORMOST, make me look good! Then and ONLY THEN can you be eligible to earn your rights!

  4. you guys are way off…. your neck deep in a depopulation campaign…. trump was throwing a huge populist wrench into the machine…. these ppl think they got it figured out how they are gonna commit genocide against 6 to 7 billion ppl while maintaining plausible innocence and not dieing themselves to save the planet…. and from the looks of how you and everybody else interpret things like blatant fuckin bioweapon attacks…. id say they are gonna pull it off without a hitch…. i mean its rat utopia played out again….. something in our brains, at some point, just goes completely fucking haywire and we wipe ourselves out lol

  5. Biden is illegitimate leader that was installed by the Democrats stole the vote by stuffing the ballot box. Period. Joe Biden could not get more votes than any other president. Period. Not every state election was stolen only four keys states. Tell the truth.

  6. The installment of Joe Biden as defacto president is not an accident. They could have just secretly made it look like joe Biden won the election, but they want you to know the election was rigged. They want you to know Biden is being controlled. They want America to become China, because frankly at this point, why would they regard American citizens as anything more than Chinese citizens?

  7. Funny how we are living the cartoonish 80´s distopia memes… and everyone is just kinda "i dont care" or "well its no big deal" or the dreaded "shouldnt we do something about that?"
    I swear, if WW2 Germany never started the War, they could´ve exterminated 90% of the World Population before Journalists and Polititians went "wait a minute, this is starting to affect ME!"

  8. Tim, unless Biden is the most popular person in history, those numbers don't make sense and you know it. And the reason this was so shitty, the plan in Afghanistan is purely to draw out this war as long as possible, war is money.

  9. 80 percent of Americans were against the moon landing. Why spend the money? What's the gain? After Kennedy's "death" public sentiment changed. NASA got billions and the world stood in awe as men walked on the moon in 1969.

  10. Trump is an answer to exactly none of this, Tim. I’m starting to get sick of even getting propaganda from shows like yours. As many true things as you say, you’re still on the wrong side, ultimately. No, Trump is not genuinely against the highly controlled society we’re moving into. He became a vaccine salesman when there were drastically more pressing matters than rushing an under-tested, brand new medical treatment, and making sure the producing companies can’t suffer any legal ramifications if their synthetic MRNA therapy shots happen to hurt someone. This place descended into madness on his watch. The man was complicit or ultimately too powerless to stop any of it. If you’re going to continue acting like Trump is even a possible solution to our current problems, you’re doing about as much good as Sean Hannity. It’s a shame, because you have good conversations on your show .. but at some point we inevitably get that little bit of bullshit, stifling discussions of ideas that of more importance than much of what you spend time on. To have the platform you do .. know the things you seem to .. then ultimately tell everyone that you think they should get vaccinated (deadliest “vaccines” in the last 3 decades already according to VAERS) .. you end up doing the same thing those retards on The View do every day: you’re pushing, albeit opposing mandates (often somewhat weakly), for more people to take these under-tested shots that aren’t vaccines, don’t stop the spread or contraction of Covid, are being used to enslave virtually everyone on the planet, and on which there’s zero long term data. You’re likely insuring that at least a few people take your inexplicable advice and take a shot that’s proving with each passing day to be less and less safe/effective. You’re the new Alex Jones, Tim. Some truth.. just not enough. Oh well.

  11. I get it Tim. You can’t point out the obvious that the election was stolen. We all know Joey B didn’t get the most “votes” in U.S. history. Just fall in line and accept it. Wicked Nation because wicked men control Her!

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