White House Damage Control on Energy Prices Has Them Accidentally Praising Trump

Trump, natty gas baron:

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  1. Can we talk about how all of our politicians invested in green cars back in January and now they are purposefully shutting off our energy? I don't give a crap about the planet at this point I can't feed my family if prices keep going up.

  2. Styx you gotta look at new battery tech too. Modern Lifepo4 batteries are leaps and bounds ahead of old lead acid golf cart batteries, both in storage size and weight, cost per kwh stored, and in cycle life. Cycling them hard, they'll last a decade. Cycling them conservatively, they'll last decades. We've made huge advances in batteries, too.

  3. The Western World has struck a deal with Putin. Mainly America. With all the freedom movements that were going on all over the Western World. They had to silence them and what a better way then Let Putin take Ukraine. Both sides get something they want. You notice the Trucker Convoys are not an issue anymore. They allowed a war to take the power away from those protests after what Canada did. They and the media has made all those people just unimportant. Just like all the lives being lost now.

  4. The key issues with solar power is 12 hours on average with no sunlight, which means you either need batteries on an unimaginable scale or backup power plants that can be used only half of the time like coal or natural gas. This combined with the fact that in any climate ie half of America that requires heating in the winter especially at night when the sun is least available and the degradation of solar panels each year they are in operation and the cost is not worth the effort on a large scale. Hydroelectric batteries are a possible solution for a small portion of the battery issue, but nuclear power and geothermal are both better alternatives long term. Especially if you understand that far from the runaway global warming that they have been trying to push, we are much more likely heading towards another ice age in the future if the entire history of world is any indication.

  5. People have no memory, the Afghanistan fiasco forgotten, and everyone knows that this started happening 14 months ago, they know, what they're counting on is happening, people are tired of hearing it, yeah yeah OK it's Russia, FFS enough already so Putin doesn't try to nuke us and look Biden saved us all! Look everyone, the crazy mandates and lockdowns we did have stopped, we saved you!

  6. Natural gas powered vehicles work and are clean but the politicians want zero emission (aka remote emmision) vehicles so they are changing to electric and hydrogen vehicles that are not ready yet. They have no concept of the costs or impact on regular people.

  7. Hydrogen and Helium are the most abundant resources in our solar system.
    Both of which can be converted to/from each other, and with enough energy, can be made from water, and become water again when combusted.
    But the problem is the same as always — you can't get more energy than you put in to create the energy.
    I feel hydrogen is where we need to focus for personal vehicles. But it's so expensive to create… we'd need Elon to run a pipe from saturn. 😛

  8. We are having to sacrifice for Ukraine's borders. Seeing as though there are no protests over this, one has to assume that you complacent cowards don't really give a ****. You deserve everything that is coming for you.

  9. This administration has absolutely zero answers to any problems we are currently facing. This is what happens when you elect a guy who doesn’t have a single accomplishment after 47 years in politics

  10. Oil prices are at “near record highs”. I don’t buy oil, but I do purchase lots of gas. At 55 years old i’ve never seen gas anywhere near the 6 bucks a gallon I paid yesterday. IMO it’s not near record high, it’s busted straight through the record highs

  11. Styx, I think you want to look into the work of Tony seba. Also update your green energy knowledge. For example did you know that currently solar energy and wind energy are the cheapest form of energy production? That current electric plant technology is already stranded costwise. The cost of grid scale energy storage is going to continue to drop And is already having a disruptive effect on power generation. Take a look at the Tesla Mega pack, The technology is available howeverThe issue is not the technology it's the industrial base, The transition is going to take At least Another 2 decades simply becauseThe battery factories still need to be built And that's going to do nothing in the short term Of the next 5 to 10 years.
    I would be happy to discuss more on this subject but I know you're a busy dude.

  12. pretty bad when i am hoping it is just going to be a recession , that is the best outcome now – the biggest fear/problem is what if we enter a depression?

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