White House FREAKS As GOP May Win VA GOV Race

Krystal and Saagar break down why the GOP has a chance to win the VA Gov race and how the White House has reacted to this possible bellweather upset

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  1. The media want to play up the GOP possibly winning to gin up viewers. Then, when the Democrat actually wins the media can say it is the “end” of the Republicans and that Biden is vindicated.

  2. This is EXACTLY why Trump cannot run again. If he does, America will collapse officially. Unfortunately Dems/Leftists hate him way too much, and they get scared enough to get off their welfare asses to vote. DeSantis is our only hope

  3. As someone from northern VA : they probably legitimately need to split Virginia again so there's Northern and Southern Virginia. The dense concentration of population adjacent to DC goes near unanimously blue, and as soon as you are away from there or Richmond, and I-95 corridor its ALL RED, and the views are massively divergent and are under represented 🤷 I always had to specify I'm from "northern Virginia" because so many people think I'm from the south or rural areas, and it's a massively different lifestyle from one area to the other.

  4. Lol we all know they cheated in Virginia in 2020 so we all know the Dems will fix it from now on. I'll eat my shorts if a Republican wins in Virginia. It's forever fixed in that state now thanks to Democrat control.

  5. Bill Kristol? He is just a leading bloodthirsty warmonger. He doesn't mind you calling him a conservative or a liberal or whatever – as long as you give him the wars he thirsts for.

  6. Depends upon whether Virginia has universal mail-in ballots. Californian Democrats legislated it into law & wont lose any election for a couple more decades

  7. Yes, yes, the same way as they won the CA Governor race. It was very close, basically a toss-up. I can't believe you spend your time after every election to bash polls then you believe clearly dumb polls before elections then the circle goes on forever. And the viewers suck it up…

  8. I absolutely will not vote for McAuliffe. I will probably write in Lee Carter. Just posted this vid to Farcebook with this commentary. – "Just a reminder. Va ranks dead last in worker protections among the states and it's been that way for a long time. It was that way under McAuliffe before and here he is bragging about having ultra-conservative Bill Kristol's endorsement at a Right to Work (for Less or be Fired) event. It doesn't matter if his opponent is a Trumpian or not if they're both going to kill anything progressive brought forth by our Dem led legislature. What does matter is whether or not this turd gets rewarded with another term for doing nothing for Virginians so that he can fuck us all over again. Believe nothing if not this; McAuliffe is going to work hard to undo what little progress we've made in Va recently. I will not be thrilled to have a Repugnican Governor. But I would be very relieved to not have the DINO McAuliffe again."

  9. Biden was doing so well till the crazy vaccine mandates beyond healthcare workers via OSHA.
    Youngkin needs to unequivocally denounce Trump if he wants to get independent/moderate support but that’ll anger the base.

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