White House in PANIC MODE After Biden Suggests REMOVING Putin, Hunter Helped Fund Biolabs


The White House is in PANIC MODE After Biden suggests regime change in Russia, backtracking on his statements. Biden refuses to rule out a FIRST STRIKE with nuclear weapons against Russia. In a shocking LEAK obtained by the Daily Mail, Hunter Biden’s emails reveals that he helped secure funding for biolabs in Ukraine partially confirming that the US may have had ties with Ukrainian biolab research. Meanwhile, Biden’s approval craters at 34% and shows no signs of recovery.

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Written by MR. OBVIOUS


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  1. I think you are being way to paranoid and overexaggerating but i get it .. it's what get's views i guess .. i don't know how much you know about the actual truth and who is behind this war and why there is this war ? also after 1 nuke you will blame nobody cause you will be dead including every human on the planet ….EDIT : hunter biden laptop and all this is years old and something they doing for decades .. also the bio lab's etc but ofc when i was saying it and people that i follow then we were "crazy conspiracy theorists "

  2. First wise words from Biden. Maybe ever. As Biden was speaking Putin attacked Lviv (70km away) with rockets. If you are too dumb to understand I'll spell it out: he threatened us president.

  3. Joe Biden and the Biden family are far too heavily compromised over Ukraine to be in a position to make clear headed judgment calls, and the weaker Biden looks on the world stage, and the more the Biden corruption in Ukraine is exposed the more outrageous Biden's speech becomes.

  4. New drinking game: every time the media has to interpret what Biden said, take a shot; every time the White House has to walk back a statement from Biden, take two.

  5. get rid of biden or the rest of the world will get rid of the US.
    his entire family is desperate to be the greatest criminals ever recorded.
    a shame that records might end thanks to their actions.
    hey! Klaus Schwab! biden is going to leave your kind an irradiated hell!
    I'm sure that wasn't part of the great reset plan HAHAHAHA

  6. Secured elections, most popular president, and all of the buzzwords – you know the drill.
    I'm pissangry, and this senile Joker is one of the things keeping my piss for myself.

  7. This whole thing is his fault to begin with he's been goin over there and cheerleading this completely avoidable disaster for years, walking the Ukranians down the garden path while laundering dirty money, shaking hands w known neo yatzis and god even knows what other sick crap.

  8. I want nuclear war with China not Russia. We are going about the destruction of the earth all wrong. I am willing to compromise with the left so we can have nuclear war with both China and Russia. so both factions in the US can bring the goals that unify US together our mutually assured destruction.

  9. That piece of shit wants to destroy Poland. His presence in Poland is an emotional false flag in itself. Jesus is King in Poland not Bindens diaper covered ass.

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