White House Officials Won’t Deny Blowing Up Nord Stream Pipeline!

The mainstream U.S. media has maintained nearly complete radio silence about journalist Seymour Hersh’s allegations that the Biden administration was behind the September 2022 bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline. One crack in the wall of silence appeared when Fox News host Shannon Bream put the question of Biden’s involvement to National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby. Kirby, naturally, categorically stated that Hersh was wrong and the entire story was fabricated.

Guest host Aaron Maté and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal about the media response to Hersh’s story, and whether it’s possible Kirby himself doesn’t know the truth.

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  1. So now I'm interested to know whether MI6 has any obligation to inform any British political institution like the House of Commons, parliament or Downing Street (I'm not well educated on British politics) when MI6 operates as a mercenary for US agencies.

    Although, in the end it doesn't really matter.
    They are all one big fat incestuous heap of sh!t and everyone who wants to know, already knows it.
    It would be fun to watch British journalists following up on this and ask some awkward questions.
    That way at least we could squeeze some entertainment out of the appending nuclear nightmare.

  2. It's like not allowing our intelligence agencies to listen to domestic phone calls without a warrant and then having the phone companies route all calls briefly through Canada's network.

  3. I dont think they explicityly blew it up because they would have to go through congress however i do think they ENCOURAGED a couple of EU states to do it(Germany Norway Poland Denmark and Sweden)

  4. The CIA doesn’t have to tell congress a damn thing.. and their shit is classified anyways, even if it was known by anyone in government, they wouldn’t be allowed to tell anyone, and they sure as hell wouldn’t tell a reporter on television… most dangerous terrorist org on earth

  5. Biden: we definitely gonna take out nord stream. We can do it, we’re going to do it

    Nordstream is taken out

    All of the government: defintely wasn’t us, glad it happened tho!
    Since we are the sole beneficiaries of its destruction

    The corruption is fully integrated in every level of our government & honestly i don’t see how we can remove these psychos from power, way too many of them aren’t even elected and especially concerning intel agencies, have nothing that can actually be considered “oversight”

  6. Scholz is an outstandingly pathetic mo ron. Germany overall has an incredibly stup*d gov*t.
    Remember foreign minister Baerbock's "Russia has to turn 360°…" Yes, she is still in office, like Scholz. It's insane.

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