White NBA Player Questions Clarence Thomas’ Blackness

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  1. Well I guess iam not "white" then lol never made 6 figures in a year I didn't go to college and got arrested once omg!!! Iam finally free of my privilege. 😝

  2. Why are all these white guys obsessed with black and white skin color??? It's so destructive and childish….pathetically childish. Stop with black and white shit. This is why America is going backwards you fools. They can't see it.

  3. I don't get the basketball statements… Is he saying that African-Americans SHOULD go to NBA games because why?
    Can't wait for Rex to smear Clarence Thomas because he doesn't like KFC and Watermelon… Holy shit dude.
    This is sadly nothing new the so called white progressives were saying the most anti-black racist shit for years now but it was deemed OK because those african-americans were not of "liberal" political mindset however the claims being made went above then just political disagreement.

  4. Rex Chapman played for Kentucky and squandered his money and a few years ago got caught with thousands of dollars of apple merchandise. He’s a turd.

  5. Clarence Thomas is a clown but that doesn't make him any less black. Black is defined by the media so much that people get confused when black people display a wider range of ideas, personality emotions etc.

  6. Funny watching so called progressives stan for Clarence Thomas. He doesnt give a fuck about you, he helped dismantle roevwade. You guys will never get free healthcare or a living wage.

  7. kurt, "how come (thomas) he's never robbed an itune store without disguising himself." lol
    plus wouldn't the workers in the store say, "uh oh, here comes that 6'4" shoplifter without a mask again."

  8. When my son was playing basketball back in Northern Virginia maybe 15 years ago Clarence Thomas would be in the gyms watching basketball with Ginny.., pretty sure his son Jamal was a coach

  9. Jimmy is doing commentary how it should be done. Doesn't agree with Thomas' decision and yet is honest about this stupid attack on Thomas. This is how it should be done. Criticize the guy for his ruling but call idiots out for what they are.

  10. Between this and the horrid tweets they were putting out on the internet to live forever and come back to wreck their future resume materials, I’m certainly happy to see them finally admit how they feel. How they really, truly feel. Behold and never forget.

  11. CONTRACEPTION PEOPLE, CONTRACEPTION! If you want to have indiscriminate recreation sex, use contraception. This would be a moot issue if whorey horny folks were just more responsible, LIKE ADULTS. Act like adults!
    The problem with the USA is that there are not enough adults running the show.

  12. When I was a kid I got introduced to stealing and dabbled in it a bit before getting arrested and that ended that. Maybe Rex never had the good fortune to get busted as a kid

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