Whitmer Kidnap Case Falls Apart Due To FBI Entrapment


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  1. I live in Michigan, and the further North you go the better, so avoid places with people; large population centers don’t care about the citizenry, and the roads are horrendous.

  2. She's as corrupt and evil as a politician gets. Everyone just forgot about her straight up diabolical actions during COVID. We need to hold these people accountable, and for Ms Whitmer, she needs to go to prison to get anywhere close to an appropriate punishment.

  3. What you’re saying about the FBI makes sense. I just watched Chris Hedges episode of On Contact (which the show has been disappeared from YouTube) called Framing Leonard Peltier and it’s the same kind of thing.

  4. I was just in Federal here in the NY and the new thing charging Conspiracy as much as possible. A pall texts asking if you’d do a crime and you say no – CONSPIRACY. You knew and didn’t alert law enforcement

  5. This was obvious within weeks of the incident, when it was discovered that 2/3 of the group's memebers were informants or agents.
    The original group was 6 larpers, with no plans.
    They did nothing wrong until the feds showed up.

  6. The moral of the story here can get lost in the details but to put it simply unless you actually did something illegal never accept a plea deal, never. Always demand your right to a jury trial and only ever accept a bench trial in very certain circumstances. If a jury would be chosen among a populace primarily populated by those who hate you maybe accept a bench trial in lieu of the jury if that jury would be made up of those looking to make a political statement rather than being just. It is far more common for someone who is in fact innocent to accept a plea deal just to get things over with after being faced with the cost of fighting for one's innocence or being threatened with excessive jail time if found guilty. After all only the one accused knows with certainty if they're innocent or not so when putting one's future in the hands of 12 strangers can be truly terrifying.
    This not legal advice of course always talk to your lawyer.

  7. I knew that this should happen, given the obvious corruption in the case. There was no guarantee it would though. And, of course, the real perpetrators will see no punishment.

  8. Really weird link but funny that in the last 48 hours we've had this judgement and a judgement in the murder of David Amess, who in the 90's was 'trolled' (before it was cool) by Chris Morris on Brass Eye, and Chris Morris also made a film in 2019 about the FBI and their coercive tactics of getting people entrapped in weird plots and schemes. literally adds nothing to the conversation but interesting to me.

  9. You seem to be in good humor today…..are you wearing your Kilt again?
    Never mind, now that I think of it, I really don't want to know about anything you've left "Hanging around"…

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