Whitney Webb on Civil Liberties & the Police State

In this clip from PRIMO RADICAL #233, journalist and commentator Whitney Webb shares her thoughts on recent government guidance on who should be considered dangerous subversive actors.

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Written by Primo Radical


  1. Whitney Webb is among the finest and bravest journalists in the world. I want to see her interviewed by Pepe Escobar, Glenn Greenwald, Alan Macleod, John Kiriakou and Chris Hedges, for two hours each. I want her public persona to grow broad wings and her place among great journalists to be affirmed through public association with some of the most famously despised and best journalists now working. Macleod is not famous but he's incredibly prolific and very widely published through his longtime employ with FAIR, now at Mint Press News.

    Let's include James Bamfield, Ray McGovern, Scott Horton, Max Blumenthal, Aaron Mate and Nick Turse, just for added background, boots on the ground perspective, and currency.

  2. America has done an excellent job of creating a fascist police state, right under the nose of American citizens who are not only completely unaware, but actively begging for more of it.

    All in the name of keeping America safe…. for the establishment, not the citizens.

  3. Whitney Webb is my favorite investigative journalist! She digs deep. We must share her videos. Everybody needs to hear what she has found.. peace

  4. Whitney is an extraordinary, the knowledge she has on what is going on recent history and facts on the reality we all are immerse nowadays! Thank you to both of you! I hope this show can be seen for much more people.