Who Are The Good Guys? With Julian Assange’s father John Shipton and whistle-blower David McBride

Father of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, John Shipton, and whistle-blower David McBride join Discernable for an exclusive deep dive into government secrets.

Do we still believe that Western governments are more noble than Chinese, Russian and other world governments? Who exactly are ‘the good guys’ and ‘the bad guys’ on the world stage? Are government secrets and warmongering the price to pay for our free democracies?

David McBride served in both the British and Australian armed forces and is currently facing jail for leaking classified information to the ABC and alleging war crimes by Australian soldiers in the Middle East.

John Shipton continues to fight for his son’s freedom, and notes massive cross-party support in parliaments around the world calling for his freedom.

In this joint interview we discussed:

How governments are incentivised to start and prolong wars
How governments use fear and anxiety to sell their policies
The war crimes in the leaked ‘collateral damage’ video and other leaked cables
War crimes committed by Australia and the USA targeting civilian water supplies and using depleted uranium rounds
Allied air strikes designed to cover evidence of war crimes
When media won’t report against government
Why are the crimes Julian Assange revealed not being prosecuted?
The duty to report a crime
Why will Australia not defend an Australian citizen?
All political parties are adopting a ‘free Assange platform’
The cult of ‘Five Eyes’ controlled by the USA
David McBride reveals war crime cover-ups
Do Aussies care about principles or not?
Refreshing and renewing parliaments with cross-party groups
The future for Millennials and GenZ fighting for truth
FriendlyJordies behind the scenes

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  1. Now one might ask – how does this help Julian ?
    We need a broad coalition to try and get him out from being charged for journalism without a government approved journalism license

  2. Democracy isn't the problem. It's the freaks that deliberately use democracy to further their own goals and agendas to the detriment of those that love and support it.
    We want to make money, they want to get money – big difference.

  3. Democracy only works if it's respected by all and not just the silent ones. As someone who knows what it's like to be heckled until I snap, I can tell you our society doesn't respect democracy. Never has and never will. The illusion that it's respected are from those who ignore the minor cuts and problems in order to keep positive. The problem with that way of being is that they don't see all the rubbish that lead up to that moment of losing control. Thinking those who snapped because they were pushed beyond their means, are monsters. Those who only see the positive don't see the rotting ground that's crumbling until it's too late and when it is too late, they always join the side that caused the mess and make things worse. It's a tactic or strategy used many times in the arts of war. A popular version that's historically known is the gifted Trojan horse.

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