Who are These Lawyers Throwing Molotov Cocktails? Strange Connections
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Ephesians 6

Written by Zoon Politikon

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  1. anyone- who is part of our 'system', creating violent chaos/murder should NEVER GET BOND- IN 1972- THERE WERE ONLY LAND LINE PHONES- NO ans.mach.yet? I AWOKE? IN MY OWN BED-ROOM/HOME…after being 'de-briefed'??at base??-staggered thru hs- went outside- neighbors reported two large men had carried me in(beige suits,no uniforms)-(as my van was parked strangely?) one day, picking up phone, WHILE BUSY TALKING TO FRIEND IN ROOM heard the sound-SLAMMED PHONE DOWN-For over 5 yrs(till msg mach.) I would not answer a phone unless it had the "right" code ring first… No telling what .."HELP" they may have had…just saying…

  2. It does seem out of character for attorneys to do these kind of things, but maybe they are involved in the anarchist movement. Thanks for sharing about this. I hadn’t heard about this at all.

  3. These are the kind of folks who watch professional seal clubbing events. What kind of person could club a baby seal for a living. I mean come on. I'm still not over that yet.

  4. the more money you are connected with the more deviant and lawless you become….all those connections can and will pay off better…they won't get time due to islamic ties…violent grp…

  5. Sounds like MK Ultra to me. Not very characteristic of someone that educated and from Princeton. Maybe they were groomed in these Ivy League schools by deep state.

  6. They were arrogant and assumed they were safe in a crowd of people. Two people of color who managed to be educated and start a lucrative career are angry about racism??? I don't feel sorry for them and can't wait to know the sentence.

  7. Throw away the key and you'll never see a rioter do that again. These aren't 18 year olds…they are old enough to know better. All these people are losers with mental disorders.