Who Decides? Part 1 – Melbourne Protest (LATEST)

12 March 2022

More from yesterday on the way!

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This channel does not aim to be a source of information or planning regarding protests or demonstrations.

Our responsibility is to bring coverage when Mainstream Media refuse to do so.

Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. Guys share and like get this out there the people that oppress us have shown them selves and now is the time to remove them from a control position we all know deep down this is wrong dont stop now keep it going until we are truely Free and the only way is to replace the current system it s broken. Make no mistake we are at War!, we are not left we are not right we are the bottom and we are coming for you at the top !!!. Follow the mooney its time to stop paying tax stop voting , dismiss government and reinstate Common Law no victim no crime . This will free up trade and stop monopolies giving us freedom.

  2. The mandatory vaccination is not make any sense. The government need to all go to Jail for forcing people to be vaccinated. The vaccine is a trial. How many booster we going to have In a year.

  3. I feel very sorry for the supermarket staff, still having to wear masks and now they have to get the booster to keep their job – personally if they all walked off the job and refused the booster, this shit show would be over in a week.

  4. Dan Andrews is HITLER and the cops are he's litlle souldures. Could it be Dan Andrews paying underbelly criminals to be the cops? 🤔🤔🤔

  5. Excellent to witness the revolution in action… the people who value themselves enough to stand up and say no to tyranny and all forms of corruption… it is really helping cast the light on the shadow..and weaken its ability to control! Well done EVERYONE!

  6. Melbourne's got the most tenacious protesters on the planet….this is what happens when you make your citizens the most locked down on the planet…Dan Andrew's ….you watching this Jacinda….?Pfffft ….🐴

  7. I have already decided. The BS is now ENDED. It's over. I have silenced and cancelled all Governments on this planet, as well as all those that support and carry out the dictates of the Government. eg the law enforcement that serves and protects the Government, and carries out the Government abuse orders by attacking citizens. They forget, they serve and protect the citizens, they work for and serve the citizens….so…as that's not the case…they are fired, ignored, silenced and cancelled.

  8. WA
    Every day! YES EVERY DAY

    Governors House
    St George’s Terrace

    Come STAND with people who stand for freedoms and to END MANDATES!!

    Stay half an hour or longer. It’s up to you. Speak with people who are actively doing something.

    Help build our PROTEST WALL. A wall of protesters!!!

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