Who is controlled by Klaus? – WEF Young Leaders

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With the World Economic Forums Young Leader Program who is controlled or influenced by Klaus Schwab?

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  1. Jeremy Howard is THE main guy pushing the mask mandate despite all pre 2020 science being unable to show any positive effect in community including ineffective surgical masks in a Hospital setting in Japan.

  2. Adern, Morrison, Trudeau and Macron are all Schwab trained and take instruction from him and the WEF . Schwab has sold his plans in Europe to the ECB as they are fundamentally bankrupt in Europe accentuated by their negative interest rates since 2014.
    The 2030 reset is now being fast tracked due to the uprisings in Ottawa, Canberra and Wellington Schwab did not account for prolonged uprisings. Without mandates and vax passes and scanning in everywhere and people getting tests and lockdowns they start to lose power hence why Schwab has forced his poster boy Trudeau to invoke the emergencies act and start arresting people who oppose and threaten their reset plan and shut them down financially by closing off their accounts and confiscating assets. Schwab is a Marxist authoritarian who idolises Lenin and has moved the likes of Adern and Trudeau to the far left as authoritarian rulers. This is good you raised the WEF Florian as people need to understand it is not about the medical position anymore it is into the next stage of the plan which is total control. Fortunately in NZ the military and some police are now understanding the bigger picture and do not want to see their children and grandchildren ruled by draconian dictators.
    The proposed plan evolves finally ending with the total control by way of CBDC where unless you play ball and follow their regime and obey their laws and evolving mandates they will cut you off with the push of a button. Stand up now snd the sad truth is we are currently because of the indoctrination of Schwab and the WEF on Morrison and Adern we are at war with our own government and many of us have lost complete confidence and trust in our government many of us for the first time. This will end when the police and military turn with many presently leaving from as they are the strong ones who are thinking of their children and grandchildren’ s futures and for the long term benefit of both countries we need a political and democratic clean out and rid ourselves of people like Schwab, Adern and billionaires who back Schwab such as Zuckerberg, Soros and Gates.

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