Who Is the West Really Fighting?

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About Richard Medhurst: #RichardMedhurst is an independent journalist and commentator. Regular live streams and interviews with popular guests from the Left such as Glenn Greenwald, Mike Figueredo (Humanist Report) and Max Blumenthal (Grayzone). Fluent in English, Arabic, French, German, and having grown up across several continents, Medhurst’s show aims to provide a critical analysis of electoral politics and international affairs from an anti-imperialist viewpoint.

Written by Richard Medhurst


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  2. My late Auntie Winnie a scouser used to say the so called democratic western countries learned a lot of both the nazis and Soviet social and mind control methods and were now using them at home.

  3. I don't believe there is any Russian disinformation going on in the West – where is it? Can you point to something specific – maybe your own channel Richard? It's you and people like you who the government is talking about when they talk about Russian misinformation.

  4. Yes, thank you, too many people took Jankovic's appointment at face value. Her role was simply to be a mouthpiece, for which she had to be boring but still tick the right boxes. She committed the faux pax of being ridiculous and silly instead so they picked something else. She'll be stowed behind some desk and forgotten — her career peaked with this assignment — but all it means is they picked someone more boring to take her place.

  5. I fear your youtube channel may be attacked. Jackson Hinkle's videos on YT have disappeared.
    When are people going to wake up and realise what is actually going on?

  6. May Allah bless the free Syrian army and may Allah be pleased with all our martyrs who died for a free Syria and may Allah curse the murderer and dictator of Assad And may Allah destroy him in this life and the next Amen ⬛✴️⬜✴️🟩

  7. Yes it's true. But it is a difficult topic. I am talking about my country, Russia for example. Yes, our government doesn't like to hear something against this operation or our army, it is difficult to stay calm when some popular celebrities, journalists are screaming everywhere, that we are doomed, that Russia will be isolated for ages, we'll die in poverty, Some of them even repeat Ukrainian fakes about our army raping children with a spoon. Or some guys are saying that there wasn't any reason to start this operation, that's all Putin's bloodlust nature, he just wants more power.
    I tried to pretend that I was at government's place, what would I do?
    There were a lot of scaremongers in USSR during the WW2, Stalin's government shut their mouths 'cause fighting spirit was very important to defeat that nazi plague.
    And it is very interesting that a lot of our famous journalists or bloggers who were suspected in foreign financing left Russia just right after the operation started and now they are making similar videos, but no one is telling about Himars shelling Donetsk and that more than 200 civilians have already been killed. No one. Only Western narrative. Is it paranoia then to think they sold their asses?

  8. Once you have been Bamboozled on / by Social Media and believe the narrative being sold, it

    becomes hard to digest the truth when it's being told. And so the fooled will remain Ignorant in life,

    Just like a Child.

    America was once Exceptional, Now it's being Run by the Global Elitist Swamp Mobsters….

    Midterms People, take back the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, or keep your country as one of

    the Baby Killing Country's… Crime Boss Joe Biden, the puppet president of America and the

    Swamp Mobsters are taking America down the toilet and the US Dollar will become the toilet paper.

    America has a One Way Ticket to be the United States of Venezuela…

    America is the last Bastion of Freedom.

    Mandatory Vaccinations are Unlawful. This law is ‘Presumptively’ Unconstitutional and has been

    created by the World Health Organisation to create mass hysteria between the citizens of the world.

    The Global Swamp Mob (Davos) is WEF, WTO, ESG, WHO, HRF, Blackrock, The Center for Biological Diversity,

    with their Puppets in the US, EU, UN, NATO and the fake MSM are pushing Climate Change propaganda, Pandemics used to advance a "Dystopian Future and More lock downs".

    Citizens, Liberal Globalism must be crushed…WEF/ESG = "You will own Nothing and be Happy".

    Remember, The Family, it's Religions and Cultures are the Foundation of Our Civilization.!!!

    The Biggest Enemy is "Ignorance" and the "Fake MSM Propaganda" is the new form of "Education".

    The Social media, Internet and fake MSM have worked on Indoctrinating the citizens of the world.

    The fake MSM will not report the TRUTH, they are just puppets, taking orders from

    the Sick Puppet Masters in Blackrock (once Blackstone)….

    It's the mentality of the global elitist swamp mobsters to orchestrate Climate change, CRT, Cancel

    Culture propaganda in schools, tough by Woke Nazi Cult teachers, Wars, that don't need to happen.

    Wars are made to happen for reasons of control, power and wealth.

    Create global inflation and start shrinking the global supply chain to create global chaos and

    collapse country's to be compliant to the Western Liberal Globalists Rules… "Tyranny".

    The real war is against the citizens of the world, "Psychological Warfare".

    Don't be fooled…

    Who ever controls the MSM, will control the Narrative.

    Who ever controls the Food, will control the People.

    Who ever controls the Energy, will control continents.

    Who ever controls the Money, will control the World…

    This is the Satanic Minds behind world events…..

  9. ThanQ RM for keeping the world informed. Raising Qs central to the war in Nukraine. We in NZ follow your channel.
    EU+USA+Aust+Canada+NZ+ Nato. This nest of arrogant, ignorant warmongers-regimes can be collectively described as The White West, or more accurately, as The Occidental. Given their long collective history of warmongering, colonialism, destruction perhaps a more apt name wld be Accidental.
    (Frm NZ

  10. Freemason are deceivers. Once you understand that you live in a presented false reality and that a covert global masonic government controls the media you can begin to see beyond the veils.

  11. How we can reach those responsible and strike them as an ordinary people, person? People really do have any power if they do not exercise it to forcibly change anything? No revolution or regime change ever happened without blood spilled. But the blood that was spilled was the right ones?
    The same old narrative used by those very few, rotting rich and powerful that owns countries to do their wars… They sure do live apart from us mere mortals.

  12. The US empire are the biggest liars and criminals.
    Because it's the armed fist of international oligarchy. The 1%.
    The corporate mafias.
    That's why they always attack the countries that try to serve the interests of population(s) by any sort of defense mechanisms against oligarchy.
    Socialism, communism, public services, fair distribution of wealth, etc …

    At an ultimate level, it's a fight between a minority of psychopaths and the populations they try to dominate.
    The US empire is the empire of psychopaths.

  13. Violation of human rights ….. don't look far. Gene editing is hineous crimes against humanity. Vandalising human genome to feed the life science research. To create statistics by increasing the number of sufferers by intentionally making people ill (to justify receiving govt grants) which they able to do as they got control of people's human genome. Then they make fuss pretending to care to find cure to the diseases they hyped and created in laboratories.

    In normal businessess they offer new products. In life science they also have other different new products….. new diseases for new line of research and new income stream. The more research they do – the more number of people suffer from diseases.

    Since the Brexit situation in the life science becomes worst. The American pharma company who run the NHS treat England as their exclusive biolabs made the British people their human guinea pigs, helping themselves to British money to further their businesses and interests. Dementia Discovery Fund Private Equity Firm got £100million in 2015 from Cameron govt which created a vehicle to bring pharma companies around the world to come to UK for their life science research offering the more than 60m NHS patients as human guinea pigs. As the govt is their partner in crimes…. they don't worry being persecuted there's lies the rampant human rights abuses. The Dementia World Forum launced in London to conquer the world created a Dementia Industrial Complex… Demnetia Empire. Dementia previously only have few people suffering, but they hyped it in 2011 doctored statistics. The number of sufferers in 2011 were 350,000 by 2014 it increase to 850,000 and by 2020 March it was still 850,000. The cooked statistics to justify getting the British public money of £100million that start the Dementia Discovery Fund Private Equity Firm. Was there another £250m for Dementia Artificial Iintellegence?

    These corporations made the govt created a system that they can help themselves with British public money. The NHS, the health service, the different medical branches more effective in managing their own lines of expertise now put in two umbrellas for ease of control. The Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman is useless

    The health of the nation is very important and yet it is irresponsibly, unethically being abused for people to make profit from. The British people is the fattest in Europe many factors contributed to that. Over the years the tap water was mixed with harmful chemicals, the environment is poisoned with many harmful chemicals with technology able to float like clouds being programmed and manipulated able to enter homes and other premises being inhaled, ingested. We will not eat, sleep under the rain…. but we are sleeping and eating under the shower of invisible harmful chemicals. The technology is so advanced that people don't even realised the extend to the attacks they are enduring.

    Be open minded ……. it is a long story…….

  14. .🔍 For all those people & instances (Occident) to have literally flipped overnight into extreme radical discrimination (against russia, russians) shows that there already was a sleeping animosity, which did light up at the first spark. The key is "why" that animosity! (breastfed by u$a's cultural imaginary-enemy syndrome).

  15. All the tools enacted by the capitalist government are used to submit all the "enemy" of the decaying system of Monopoly Capital. It has been like this since capitalism has started. It is all about the class struggle, Brother. The Basic contraditions of the system of exploitation cannot be solved without a revolution, and the ruling class has been on the attack everywhere to maintain its power and domination.

  16. After hearing all the blatant lies the media and governments have pushed in the Rona Debacle and the War of Distraction, I wouldn’t believe them if they said the sky was blue.

  17. I don’t feel anyone will like the west anymore. As I been approached previously Australia. One said the people are terrible. Another said your political system government are cheating every one . How did I feel . A regular Taxpayer 40 years / And not even started. Our families been 1923 and been through real horrible times I can’t even say try survive off lemon trees in there bombed home there young children die in there home town 5them .. Now this . No one has any hope in the future. As collapsed . The Greed of them is unforgivable and there team$ . Council s even worse . No remorse no standing if you in car or not or lost try figure we’re you going you get busted $279- or more. And that’s not joking. If you write ✍️ in tell them show a medical reason blood in your mouth they don’t care . So that’s the surface. ✌️🙏🏻 thank you Richard for all your help letting us understand history and the noW’

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