Who is Topher Field? Why he created Battleground Melbourne

Topher Field has been a political commentator, speaker and content creator for 12 years. He was our first live guest on Discernable and returns today to discuss his first feature-length documentary, ‘Battleground Melbourne: The Fall of the World’s Most Liveable City, through the eyes of those who risked everything to save it’.

Classically, ‘history is written by the victors’ but in the age of new media and indie film-making, Topher has managed to show Melbourne through the eyes of the protest groups who he regularly describes as having ‘lost to Premier Daniel Andrews’.

In this interview we discussed the motivation behind Battleground Melbourne, the bias of the piece, history wars and geopolitical realities that we could all be facing in the coming decades.

Topher describes Battleground Melbourne as the ‘finest’ and ‘most important’ work he’s ever done and in many ways it serves as an answer to the question ‘who is Topher Field?’. Watch this interview to discover how Topher thinks, how he evolved, the challenges he sees facing the world today, and where he thinks we are heading.


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1:51 What moved Topher to make Battleground Melbourne
4:24 From organised protests to a leaderless movement
5:30 30% of Victorians will not be voting for mainstream parties
8:45 There are too many laws in Australia
10:27 Global all cause deaths 2018-2020
16:16 Swedish Covid Data comparison with Victoria
17:29 Daniel Andrews did not protect us
18:50 This is about politics, not science
21:50 Haters are irrelevant
25:29 How ‘Topher Field’ began
26:43 Many want to be monetised influencers
27:56 Topher cares about water in Victoria
29:55 History Wars – Battleground Melbourne is a totem pole
34:04 Topher’s conclusion of the last 2 years
35:42 Everyone is a libertarian in at least one area
37:03 Topher has been ‘based’ for years
39:50 The governments propaganda media machine
42:22 The Murray Darling water market
44:33 The government should not be the biggest customer of media broadcasters
45:58 Will there be a retort to Battleground Melbourne?
47:43 Is Battleground Melbourne biased?
50:48 Who was the target audience for Battleground Melbourne?
54:53 What the world can learn from Melbourne and her mistakes
56:00 Coercion – abused people want others to be abused just like they were
1:01:34 Friend Triage – using your resources wisely
1:03:37 Polarising people with alternate views are fascinating
1:05:52 What’s the future of the protest movement?
1:06:55 Daniel Andrews will use tools other than lockdowns
1:08:57 Daniel Andrews thinks he is wildly popular
1:10:09 The tension within the Labor Party
1:11:23 Daniel Andrews is despised within the party, staff and advisers
1:12:55 The point of no return for Victoria
1:16:30 The Cloward Piven strategy of orchestrated crisis
1:17:38 Is there anywhere in the world that is a shining light right now?
1:26:45 Venezuela could be Australia’s future
1:29:19 Future projects for alternative media
1:36:33 The elections are going to be the litmus test for people to know who Victoria really is

Written by Discernable


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  1. Never going to vote for the major parties again and will also never pay a cent to any MSM outlet again. Will never pay for a news paper again, the ABC is dead to me. Starve them out.

  2. You were talking about there being a market for resistance like Joe rogan and his ratings. What if everyone reports mainstream media for every story, while liking and support freedom lovers?

  3. Hahaha come on, Topher…. Rona started off real? Pfft…. There's a bad strain of the cold/flu NOW after jabby juice but the start of all this? Stop drinking the kool aid! 😂😂

  4. Well done Topher, I really enjoyed your documentary and this interview was awesome.
    Much respect to you and the crew at Discernable.
    I was bullied into the vaccine but can honestly say that I'm in the "Will not" camp so 2022 will be a very interesting year.

  5. The doco. 10/10. This interview completes the documentary. Both on fire tonight, Topher at the speed of light. Such cogent discussion tonight. The info on perverse incentives in politics and the sick relationship between the government and the media. Gold

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