Who REALLY Controlled The Pandemic?!

Adam Wagner, the author of Emergency State explained to us how the UK Government was able to bypass democratic process to introduce new pandemic laws. #covid #pandemic #lockdowns
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Look up Surgisphere [ Tiny Data collective firm that were fraudulent ] were hired by NIH to do study on Hydroxychloroquine ! Dr Zelenko received Nolbe Peace Prize His research was the camel that broke the back of theory HCQ was Harmful ] His formula Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc saved thousands in Dr Kelenko's bourough of Bronx New York

  2. (I realize that in big cities this wasn't possible,) but for the majority of the US, I feel like locking down was a choice. I didn't change anything about my life, unlike the majority of people around me. I got Covid right off the bat & a total of 2 times now….here I am, alive & well. No-one FORCED me to do anything, I never even wore a mask, aside from a single time in visiting a loved one in the hospital. Was I "selfish"? I was called that then, & now allllllll of these people that took theses ridiculous suggested orders are acting like someone forced them into this b.s. NEWS FLASH ; That someone was YOU. I do not blame anyone for trusting these government agencies that they SHOULD be able to trust. However, this was a prime example of why critical thinking skills are critically important. You do not trust what anyone says to you @ face value with out your own due dilligence. There were plenty of doctors & specialists whom, to their own great detriment, were telling the truth right off the bat….& continue to today, only to be labeled "spreaders of misinformation". If you are an adult & live outside of a highly populated area & sat home for 2 years, that's on you. 🤷 The children suffered because of you labeling parents fighting this crap as violent & "extremists". People tend to get extreme when it comes to their kids, you should have listened. I'm beyond tired of the whining & feeling bad for ourselves tbh. You made a choice, a series of ill informed bad choices to be exact. That's on you.

  3. Hey Russel I haven’t heard from you about the meeting on the 23rd of October called “Catastrophic Contagion”. It’s all happening now. Same people, same simulations for the NEAR, future plandemic.

  4. Get the latest information from the CDC about COVID-19.
    The corrupt organization involved in unscrupulous deals… They are less trustworthy than Google.
    And they have one more thing in common… both collaborate with the US government, sort of like YouTube.

  5. Don’t you mean controlling, because this pandemic is far from over. Those responsible are still pushing their narrative. The Devil is responsible and most leaders of the Western, so called Democracies, are compliant in it.

  6. I broke down and cried when I realized how UN-FREE we really are . And how they actually plan for it to get so much worse for us . I know that it is very unknown if there is a rapture of followers to Jesus or not . But I am praying nonetheless for one . The absolute slavery that is in the works right now for ourselves and our offspring is going to be like the dark ages . It is a real shame that we , being one of the most free and advanced societies as we know of today are allowing these things to happen . We will all become anarchists soon if the powers that be keep pushing us in the direction that they prefer.

  7. It was simply a glimpse at what the future will look like.
    In future once digital passports introduced and currency removed..
    Then you will see what control and tyranny look like.

  8. I'm hearing talk of the lockdowns in China being outlandish….just a reminder, Australia suffered BRUTAL treatment in the lockdowns (forced detentions, etc, etc), internal border control, draconian protest laws and enforcement reminiscent of the Hitler era, all beyond belief. Our State Politicians behaved like Dictators and our Federal Government was non existent/in hiding. The apathy by the population was/is beyond belief! I lost my partner to suicide during the first lockdown. The New Normal…Yeah Nah…FThat.

  9. Federal reserve and MI Complex, Trump played along. We printed 40 T unbacked dollars, we paid it to people, to avoid hyperinflation, we shut down the world. A sector of economy was destroyed to be replaced by these bills, since somalia had no USD, there were hardly any lockdowns, since China had the most, lockdowns are continuing.
    That's why China, Russia, even Saudi now wants to replace USD.

  10. You 2 didnt discuss that this was global…ts no good being parochial about this..every nation signed up to the U.N …ergo WHO..we're bound by law to follow directives from these 2 organisations

  11. The fact is this process, concerning the pandemic, was and still is part of an even greater threat to mankind than most people realise or even care to understand. Britain, and the world has been unwittingly participating in a process that has been deliberately implemented, using a worldwide methodology based on the principals of Milgrams Experiment. This pandemic was something the governments had planned for since 2014 at least, and was based on how well people can be manipulated and controlled , in a way that the majority would be seen to not only conform, but to also unquestionably obey "The Science". This was clearly an authoritarian process designed to bring about a hidden and secret agenda that has been in place since the ninth century AD., and which is now coming to fruition in its final stages, as a one world order process. This is being controlled and implemented by from an American platform, using the worldwide process of gradualism that has witnessed this process being slowly realised and brought to fruition by secret organisations and governments who are gradually being manipulated into surrendering their sovereign states to a more clandestine and ultimately despotic regime that will bring in a new banking system under centralised powers along with a new world religion and political structure that will see one man at the heart of world control. We've seen nothing yet, wait till the openly reveal their ultimate goal for control of the human race. But by then the vast majority of people will be deceived into a false sense of security, from which there can be no turning back.

  12. I was forced to get the vaccine or face being sacked. I work in the NHS and have and continue to work from home yet I was still forced into it – I managed to get away with having only the first one then four days later the oppression was reversed. Such a horribly anxiety provoking stressful time.

  13. It's ironic that the Government and legacy media attacked the very people calling for free speech, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, freedom of religious worship freedom of children partaking in education and bodily autonomy. Those traditional libertarians are still now called far right, fascist, racist misogamist conspiracy theorists, crackpot granny killers! We have yet to see any evidence that the draconian lock-down measures saved any lives at all. Worse still Climate change lock-downs are just over the horizon.

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