Who Sabotaged the Nord Stream Pipeline? Duh… And the Latest on Russia / Ukraine – Viva Clips

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  1. Wasn't that the whole idea to push Russia into this war so the energy Russia supplies could be stopped and the US can replace Russia . The European should realize now dependence on the US is even worse . the gas they deliver is 5 to 6 times more expensive than the gas they used to get from Russia . Nice move EU . Well if you have friends like the US you don't need any enemies .

  2. Biden and his illegitimate junta did this. The only country with the motivation and the ability.
    Also, if Trudeau says the referenda were invalid, you can bet they ARE valid!

  3. The world needs for a "paranoid" man with nukes to have a manner of exiting the war theater with a semblence of dignity.

    It is in humanity's best interest.

    Unfortunately, humanity is currently governed by a small, yet powerful group who worship at the altar of population reduction, and veil their policies aimed at genocide, with benevolent sounding names.

  4. The sabotage on Nordstream is not a simple case of "Russia had no reason to do it". We are looking at a complex geopolitical conflict here, many players, several suspects and myriad consequences that could affect the outcome of the war.
    Even if it transpires that the explosions took place from INSIDE the pipelines, that is not necessarily the smoking gun people want.
    If people want a motive for Russian self sabotage, one example is they want a pretext to sabotage western infrastructure. An American sabotage of Nordstream would give them that pretext.

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