Who set the Terror Police on friendlyjordies?

Mystery Solved?
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Written by friendlyjordies


  1. Mate, I swear you better not turn out to be beating up your girlfriend or touching kids or something because what you stand for and represent would be completely undone and people would stop paying attention again.

  2. Speaking as a Scotsman who emigrated to Brisbane in 2000, this latest example of an abuse of power reeks of the endemic corruption that necessitated the Fitzgerald Inquiry in the 70's. It seems that the scenery and actors have changed in the interim but we still have the same really sh*t movie that only a Cash-Converters Stalin would enjoy. The golden rule: those who have the gold make the rules.

  3. Turn up the heat son! ? show the world what these snakes are doing to this once beautiful country.
    Show them why they should fear true passion, my mate put me onto your vids and I'm with ya ?

  4. He was so fixated on trying to cover his ass to stop friendlyjordys from exposing him for the lowlife he is that he forgot one fundamental rule. You cross your bridge's before you set them burn them, dick. It just goes to show just how threaten he was at being expose that he did what he did. So much for telling lies to covering to cover up another. I bet he's regretting that statement right about now.?

  5. OMG love it..he basically committed purgery and gave you all the evidence you needed to prove malicious persecution.. You should sue the police, him, his staff, the police department…as well as file criminal charges….on e i watched the video of the police chiefs and according their testimony vs what is in his own statement..they lied under oath..they clearly said that the premier was not the one who initiated the fixit police ..but according to his own witness statement he did call. this is why the police can be charged with a crime..conspiracy to frame someone conspiracy in Australia…least that where i think your from lol is 11.5 of the criminal code. these cops conspired with the deputy to go after you, thats a crime,,hence making his arrest and imprisonment also a crime..false imprisonment, kidnapping, assault…id file both a criminal complaint against the officers involved the police department and their leaders who also file a civil suit against all parties.. im not an Assuie or that familiar with their law but being similar to canada and the usa i would presume similar laws to the contrary. Sue the fuck out of them