WHOA! Australia Just Made a SHOCKING Decision…

WHOA! Australia Just Made a SHOCKING Decision…

This report explains a shocking decision Australia and its Victorian government have made relating to the hiding of data.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. These vag guy nas are scared of us they know it we know it keep pushing. If I have to give my address I'd let you know it's secure and guarded well do your worst soy addicts.

  2. Bill Gates is el diablo. I loved to watch videos of him getting attacked with pies repeatedly. Years later, it just doesn't do it for me anymore. I despise him so much.

  3. There is no coincidences this is what 9-11 means:

    9 created by humans:
    🇸🇾 Roots of eastern civilisation
    🇬🇷 Roots of western civilisationens
    🇮🇱 Control judaism
    🇻🇦 Control christianity
    🇸🇦 Control islam
    🇨🇭 Hidden money
    🇬🇧 Largest empire in history
    🇺🇸 Largest military in history
    🇺🇦 Battlefield between east and west

    9+2 = 11 god vs satan:
    🇨🇩 Roots of humanity
    🇸🇪 Satan enters earth

    And yes Australia is the the battle of our hearts, minds and souls: Rupert Murdoch vs Julian Assange

  4. Immunocompromising spike is the reason why, the more they get the weaker they will become.
    Soon their immune with be useless and dead and they won't be able to survive without taking it every six months.

  5. The marxists, traitors to freedom have been worming their way into power for decades. If allowed to stay, they will continue to destroy good government

  6. My work has just randomly decided to give us until the start of 2022 to be "vaccinated" or we will lose our jobs. They said giving a religious exemption will be highly unlikely.

  7. For those asking about the song. Yes it was 2 years ago, but she recognizes it's significance and is reposting it being used at protests currently. She also posted about the FDA now approving the jab for children. Sing it loud and proud mama bears!

  8. Remember, Mother Earth is feminine, and the masculine feminine energy is out of balance. Mama bears will lead the charge to bring down the global syndicate, which is run mostly by males

  9. Time to start home schooling,pull together with other like minded ppl work out a system and home school.

    My ne t thought is this dear god just send the big fucking rock now.

  10. How do we get people to cancel the cancel mongers (like J. Oliver)? It's not enough to hear about it, we need to act. As for broward County FL school board, it doesn't surprise me & why I went to home schooling. The former head was arrested for fraud within the system, they don't care about children being bullied either so who knows what's going on with them. It's disgusting

  11. Not just the government clamming up. Our media turn off comments on COVID articles. Cant have the fascist alliance of government, media and corpoerations getting the narrative argued against by uppity meat sack slave-citizens. We are sick of these cunts trying to put their authority on us in Australia

  12. dude ok. stop pointing out logic and hipocritical actions of the state. start calling it the attack that it is. qualifying every attack takes away from the reality. also, there is no getting our gov. to do what we want.

  13. When the bodies hit the floor, the FDA don't want to take care of their kids, so they have decided to genocide the whole family, together forever.

  14. FBI covertly attend militia meetings. You know they'll be attending school board meetings. Each state has their own. IDAHO bureau of investigation. 27 years ago these called me into their office and on the table a folder with pictures of me at various locations.

  15. Uh Luke people in many areas have had to announce their home address at those sorts of meetings, still strange but common for many years nearly everywhere.