This video explains how everything will unravel in Washington DC.

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Written by WeAreChange

News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising. - Lord Northcliffe


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  1. I really feel like Ukraine is going to be the end of the us
    It’s planned and we’re stupid and don’t get it
    We’re all poor Ukraine 😂😂
    Ukraine certainly isn’t poor especially now.

  2. Hole E. Shit, that song for the intro was awesome. I'm going to have to check out more of their shit. Luke, if you dig that song, you should check out The Peculiar Pretzelmen. They also have that Tom Waits-ey vibe to them. Seen them live a few times and they are pretty great. Also, check out The Defamation League as well. We are pretty great too in a different kind of way.

  3. why this issue has not been broken down into 2 individual issues i will never know.
    Its really simple:
    1, US has a MASSIVE issue with abortions being used as a form or contraception and other forms of contraception use at an all time low – This is a Social problem on a VAST scale.
    2, Abortions for medical reasons, rapes, incest etc… are a completely different issue. They are not even the same thing and should be something that is protected and the women involved properly looked after etc..
    BUT this also is only a tiny % of the abortions

    I am not saying that a 17 year old, thats been shagging every bloke she knows, should not be allowed an abortion when the inevitable happens – but the issue of so many young girls getting pregnant needs to be addressed – and the dare not say it

  4. Catchy song me likey 😁. Definitely don’t believe he actually got 4 shots why would he knowingly poison himself. The Supreme Court needs to hurry up and uphold the constitution let’s get this over with shouldn’t be taking so long to turn over an unconstitutional court decision that never should of happened in the 1st place.

  5. I never comment, ever and all I can say for that first part is DAMN……!!!! LOVE IT!!! (watch everyday! Love you Luke – you are a beacon of light in this dark world – I pray always for yours and so many others safety!!! Thank you for spreading the truth!)

  6. Well said Luke, the FBI has been acting like the Gestapo for this administration and anyone that still believes they are here to "protect us" needs a reality check.

  7. Hey Luke – a follow up on the farce that Biden forgave everyone's student loans after 20 years would be a public service. That wasn't as controversial to grab attention… I'm not hearing anyone take it apart. What he did was so inconsequential those headlines and stories were propaganda. Only IF someone had a federal loan, on a specific type of payment plan (IDR) AND they had paused payments for more than 13 months at a time, could they have gotten any 'foregiveness'. Federal loan balances on an IDR plan have always been 'forgiven' after 20 years OF REPAYMENT. All he did was make those years when they stopped making payments count as part of that 20 years. AND even that was because the loan servicers were stepping outside of the guidelines to even allow a 13 month break, anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a class action lawsuit behind this 'generosity'. And for many years we have been forgiving federal loans of people who took public service jobs (I forget the length of repayment), but I read articles that rolled that $$ in with this new thing to inflate the total. My brainwashed boomer parents have been talking about how their savior was going to 'pay off my student loans'. I laughed then and now I'm not surprised but disgusted. It's actually more deceptive than I could have imagined.

  8. There seems to be ALOT of drug & alcohol & sex problems going on in the Biden family. Why did you vote in such a screwup. He can't manage his own family and you let him manage YOURS???

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