WHOA! This TOTALLY Changes Things

WHOA! This TOTALLY Changes Things

This video explains the truth about the current situation and who is really getting involved.

Unfiltered reports –

Intro video –

Written by WeAreChange

News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising. - Lord Northcliffe


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  1. We need to speak up and boycott going to work or shop, drive , whatever in order protest for safety and release of Assange….he spoke truth to us at great risk to his safety, while our own government lies, steals, and destroy us and our legacy….that is our children…and who ultimately is trying to destroy our children?? The enemy of souls… we are protecting Assange from Lucifer himself..

  2. Its not only China working together, Its all the countries. Who came together and created the BRICS BANK, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Add to the equation Iran and North Korea….the Platet is tired of NATO, the UN and WHO. Who have done nothing but bring destruction to other countries in the name of "Democracy". The world is WAKING up and their propaganda with the help of FAKE media is not working any more The USA government is so pathetic, our Military is WOKE, and now they using 18 years olds on Tick Tock to spread their miserable propaganda specially the message that is Russia's fault WE THE PEOPLE are paying high prices for gas, food, rent and, everything else that is BASIC NEEDS, soon a gallon of milk will cost 10.00 dollars and a loaf of bread 5.00 dollars. There was a coup in our government, an infiltration and Americans didn't notice because the majority were too tired from working 2 jobs in order to survive and pay taxes and those who are supposed to work for the people became millionares, use taxes for WARS to destroy the Middle East and at the end when the "virus" and vaxxxx were given to humanity that was their opportunity to throw salt in the wound…forget about what is happening with Ukraine and Russia, if they cared so much about whats happening to the Ukranians they would care about SOMOLIA, YEMEN, SYRIA they are being destroyed by US, how about the PALESTINIANS? WHERE DID FAUCCI GO after BIO LABS where discovered in Ukraine?…open your eyes The USA has been invaded, there is a war between the government and WE THE PEOPLE….GOD BLESS AMERICA, our sweet HOME.

  3. About last thread from twitter.
    I wonder…
    How could they find the propulsor almost entirely intact, with no calcination on it, then claim that it killed 17 people?
    I mean…
    Wouldn't it have normally be turned into scraps? This makes little sense so how would it even be possible?
    I don't deny the possible events, I just wonder how anybody could find the almost intact propulsor of a missile that has been told to have exploded…

  4. Luke, there is a convoy that has been happening in DC and not one news source has been following. Freedom convoy for the people has been in Hagerstown for past four weeks traveling the Beltway and downtown with NO COVERAGE BY MAINSTREAM. THEY NEED COVERAGE AS THEY ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR RIGHTS DEMANDING EMERGENCY MEASURES LIFTED AS WELL AS OTHER DEMANDS. Traffic backed up for hours and no one is bringing this out to forefront.

  5. Why it so hard to get through to people
    It just goes on an on all the bs throughout the last decade been mental citizens really need to get together an get the government and friends out of our pie because this can't be everyday life now surely .
    It's just mind numbing the dialogue between the parties is non existent or rare but hostile I'm pre shore most people want the same thing at the end of the day just different roads to get there fuck idk just feel like shits complicated for no real reason and self inflicted

  6. Who the ones at the tippy top ? Luke knows ….. who can't you be calling out? Who can't you attack? The old ones ! The ones who cry as they stab you in the back ! Mostly big banking names ends in berg or Smith blatt .

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