Whoopi Goldberg SHOCKED By Positive COVID Test Despite Being TRIPLE Vaxxed, “Doing Everything Right”

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  1. The subtext to all this is the belief that vaccinated people can still get sick, but only from the unvaccinated because they are the carriers of omicron who can pass it to others (remember the line about how "the virus stops with you"?). So Whoopi "did everything right" but still got sick and believes it is because of an unvaccinated person. That is why she said it ends when everyone is vaccinated.

  2. So she "believes" that if you triple vax you are immune? The most basic knowledge of how a vaccine works is enough to understand that it is just a tool to help your body handle and fight the virus when or how you will contact it, eventually.

  3. It’s almost as if all of us that have been accused of “denying science” or being “anti-vax” have legitimate reasons for questioning all this plague theater and craziness. 🤔

  4. I hate to see a real virus hit right now, because this covid-19 is a joke of a virus. Just think if a virus like ebola with a high infection rate breaks out? Now then you need to worry. It may be coming sooner than what you think. This covid-19 is a setup for population reduction, and its definitely not doing its job, so is the vaccine going to be the mass killer?

  5. Or how in the hell can anyone say “the vacks helps lessen your symptoms” if you don’t know what you would’ve felt like had you NOT gotten it?!?! Madness!!!!

  6. No, Tim. There is not a way to prevent everyone from dying.
    The inverse is true, everyone will die with 100% certainty, the only questions are when and how.
    Pain, loss, suffering and death are all inevitable, the question is whether or not you will live a life with enough meaning that it makes you able to justify your suffering, or will you cower in fear and wonder why this existence was inflicted upon you when they strike? Which track are we on now?

  7. Uttar Pradesh method helluva lot more effective than the expensive junk. Agencies that spit out the claim tha stuff is not proven to work will just continue ro lose credibility.
    Let's go, Brandon!🇺🇸!چلو برانڈن

  8. Tim: "even when a gun is used in self defense, someone dies"

    That is absolutely incorrect.
    the vast majority of self defense uses of a weapon, has nothing to do with killing anybody, simply having a weapon present and presenting it to an aggressor, stops and deescalates the situation more often than actually using the weapon, those are considered self defense situations where an aggressor stops and leaves because a weapon is present on the would be victim.

    Also, even if somebody is shot, the majority of people shot with handguns for example, do not die.

    I realize it was an off the cuff statement and a bad take, but you should really rethink that statement.

    It is a fact, guns are used to protect innocent life and defend others, much more than they are used to take life.

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