Whores Taking Horse Ulcer Medicine To Abort Their Babies



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  1. It just goes to show how many loose immoral screw-everyone they can becase it bolsters their ego, someone wants them, even if they just want to "use" each other, it validates their brainwashed need to feel attractive and all that junk Instead of maybe having some real self-respect, keep your legs closed, think about using some form of birth control if you can't "control" your horny selves. You play, you pay! More birth control awareness is needed, however it disrupts the $$$ gravy train for the evil market that uses those little body parts for the most disgusting things you can imagine. These clinics need to be overseen and baby parts not allowed to leave the clinic to be put into a cooler for transport!!! If States are going to allow for it, then stop the making of filthy money from the baby parts!!! It's a Federal Offense if they do it, yet they are getting away with it!!! Why is that not more controlled? I am pro-life, but my views can't make someone see life is precious. It's a conundrum for sure.

  2. Are they “Medical Professionals” dispensing this advice & prescribing these Non-FDA Approved Veterinary medications for Horses as an abortifacient? Instead of being allowed to post & sell these in Google AdSenseads, Etc. Shouldn’t they get deplatformed & Arrested?

  3. Terminology is always the first victim. Birth control implies a controlled birth; it is conception prevention. Affordable Care Act implies an act to make care affordable; it's an insurance mandate that skyrocketed health care costs. Abortion is not conception prevention; it's the ultimate selfishness; it's a violent homicide forced upon an innocent living body denied a choice.

  4. Biden = We can't leave these decisions to the whims of the people… Whims of the people = Voting = Democracy… Not leaving important decisions to the whims of the people (voting/democracy) = tyranny. Let's Go Brandon!

  5. My suggestion is for these pro-choicers to get hysterectomies and vasectomies to avoid getting pregnant in the first place. It won't stop them from getting herpegonnosyphilitis but at least an unborn human won't have to suffer because of their debauchery.

  6. The Left: don't take Ivermectin. It's been used in horses.
    The Right: don't take misoprotol. That's actual horse medication.

    These left idiots are hilarious 😂

  7. Search headings om GOOGLE IMAGE GOP dumps stock why'll downplaying covid Trump GOP Fox news covid lies Fox news right wing media anti-vaccine masks Defence firms donations to GOP GOP buy Defence stocks US Drug prices vs other countries US big pharma election donations US school shootings vs other countries US gun deaths vs other countries NRA election donations Republican economies vs Democrat economies Minimum wage by states map US states healthcare ranking map US violent crime by states map Biggest GOP election donors US renewable energy jobs vs Fossil fuel jobs Trump Gop support oil coal US Fossil Fuel election Donations Rig Fix US elections US voter suppression states map How to get photo ID to vote

  8. These shtlibs are absolutely mindless drones programmed by their evil AF demonrat overlords! This fake outrage from Lieawatha "Flipper" Warren and Co. Is to get donations and scare their base into voting against their best interest (conservatives) in the fall,because they're completely DOA otherwise since EVERYTHING has gotten worse and more expensive for EVERYONE during the tyrannical Brandon/demonrat criminal regime.

    Roe v Wade going back to the states does NOT ban abortions FFS! It's unconstitutional AF and "Roe" is the alias of a woman/plaintiff who was drunk,drugged out,totally debauched and run through the proverbial mud and put away slopping wet FFS! So she's got everything in common with these deranged pu$$y hat wearing,hypocritical POS going nuts for no reason and speculating about horrible future events as if they're some kind of experts!

    Yeah…every damn one of them "KNEW for a fact" Hitlery would destroy Trump in 2016 but the opposite happened! "They KNEW for a fact Trump & Pence would throw LGBTQ folks into prison camps!" That never happened! They Knew for a fact "Trump is a Russian asset!" THAT shtlib/MSM propaganda has been proven 100% false! In fact,president Trump and his family are the most thoroughly investigated,vetted and "muellered" people on planet earth! 5 damn years of investigations from a mob DESPERATE to nail & jail them and they've found nothing.

    The Trump family have cooperated and have been proven clean AF over and over again…but none of that matters to the insane left because they have nothing in common with the truth,facts,evidence,the law or reality since none of these support their bllsht narrative and none of these jive with "their truth!"(its THE truth,there's only one). All these Trump investigations finding nothing but wasting 10's of millions of tax payer dollars yet the Biden crime family,The Big Guy,crackhead Hunter and shady AF Biden siblings somehow haven't been pressured into even 60 seconds of testimony (Don Jr. has given THIRTY HOURS of testimony!) even though there's a mountain of evidence of corruption and actual "evidence in plain sight" of illegal dealings with Ukraine,China & Russia etc. basically all the places they blame president Trump of commiting crimes,yet have zero proof after investigating him to the back teeth. Legendary shtlib projection.

    They trip TF out about Trump returning to power because their pathetic,easily duped minds have been brainwashed into believing the legendary levels of PROJECTION from the demonrats!

    Trump gave us $2.20 & cheaper gas and cheaper everything FFS! It wasn't until President Trump was railroaded and Biden was illegitimately installed did we immediately become flooded with illegals,forced into tyrannical mandates,thrown out of our jobs and stuck paying $6 a gallon for gas and $500 for a load of groceries that was less than $300 all damn day during president Trump,all due to record inflation thanks to consistently horrible shtlib policies that benefit everyone but the 99% of Americans they swear they're working hard for but who get fkd and stuck with these massively obscene wasteful spending sprees from the grifters in the entrenched malignant permanent D.C. ruling class.

    Anyone politician who's attained 10's and 100's of millions of dollars in wealth as a representative making less than 300k per year as they lord over crumbling districts(and live in opulent mansions miles away from them) while in office for over 30 years is a fkng CRIMINAL. Check out that demo. and you'll see those are the one's who are the most corrupt,the loudest,most inept and most obnoxious.

    Anyone who's been paying attention knows the truth,if not….you're a huge part of the problem. The FUBAR type who'd vote for a career criminal who's 100% above the law & drowning in dozens of scandals to replace the outgoing prolific criminal in office simply because "Muh Vagina president after muh Black president would be pretty cool!" SMFH.

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