Who’s giving the orders? (filmed 11.03.22.)

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An insight into the orders being given to our army…nearly a fortnight after people died in their roof-tops. Filmed 11.03.22.

This is not intended to show the army in a negative light, but a reflection on why they were sent in so late to help, and some of the orders being carried out after being deployed.

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. This seems to suggest the floods were a military operation as it would be counter productive to have them go in and clean up their own dirty work. Their presence here was nothing more than a photo op for the main stream media to create the illusion the military is there to help.

  2. I was an army reservist in the 80s and specifically in the Engineering corp. We built stuff – bridges, roads, buildings. Why aren't they bringing in the engineers? They're the ones that can help these communities feel like their communities have a chance of rebuilding. Yes, these grunts can help with the cleanup. They're important, too, but can't they be put into smaller squads, to work on multiple properties?

    And you're right, True Arrow, WHO'S GIVING THE ORDERS? And what kind of orders are being given by the government to the ones who are meant to be giving the orders? Any other time, their commanders would clearly be issuing orders as a result of consultation with the communities. There's something off about what's going on here.

  3. Sorry Sam I can not leave a comment, I'm lost for words. Btw did they need actual order like "pick up rubbish"? They were just standing there like the proverbial, there was nothing stopping them to get something done.
    Idk, maybe they need orders for everything. And then we have high ranking military guy coordinating the implementation of v4xiN4tion so maybe that's their priority. God help us, the way things are going nothing short of divine intervention can. Thank you Sam excellent work as always. Keep safe above all.

  4. Mm… I’m scared for our safety once China hit our shores. These fools move slower than snail pace. Pharking no organisation either. Absolutely clueless.. they must send the people that fail police academy to the army.

  5. What do we really expect from these traitors. They never came to Australians aid during the scam demic.
    They even patrolled the streets with Police and helped security in hotel quarantine.. TRAITORS

  6. Romley Stewart of the Glossa channel. Justinian Deception. He's an Aussie you should speak to for sensible, but disturbing answers you're looking for. All the proof you want that the British Crown gives the orders down under. And in Canada. Gives the orders, controls the courts, currency and all associated with such. He's been at this for years. May want to grab a good edition of Blacks Law book and talk to him. Australia has been sold out just as surely as we have in the US. They have to destroy our Constitution first and very close to doing so. No need for that in Australia or Canada, the Crown already has jurisdiction. Look at the Law, the answers are there.

  7. I followed this page for the protests which I am for however you seem to know little to nothing of what the army has done thus far in Lismore and surrounding areas. The engineer Planties, FE’s and Tradies have been non stop for 3 weeks. Drivers have been delivering to the tip non stop and only the tippers can be used effectively as the other trucks do not have this function. If you see a truck pulled over there might be mechanical issues instead of assuming it’s stopping just for the hell of it. 60% of the waste on the streets of Lismore has materials containing asbestos which can only be handled by qualified pers as the houses and businesses were built in the 60s-80s.

    Once again I followed this page for the freedom protests that I support and donated to, but when you beat down on a large group of guys for the actions of a few it’s no better than the what the mainstream media constantly do to try stay relevant.

    I’ve lived in Lismore for 5 years and have had both Council and Defence help out with my mess after the flood. They did a solid job helping me rip out the plaster boards and rearrange my backyard to look semi decent after the thrashing.

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