Who’s REALLY Responsible For Inflation & Food Crisis? (Hint: It’s Us)

The conventional wisdom in the western press is that inflation and the food crisis are caused by Russia, specifically Russia’s blockade of Ukrainian ports. But the truth is quite different, and involves choices made by NATO and Ukraine, even if the corporate media in the United States will never tell you that.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the REAL reasons for the food crisis and rising prices – or at least one of the big ones.

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  1. i'm anti-Democrat – but for those of you who think they're the only ones pushing for this – think again, loads of Republicans have jumped on the bandwagon early in support of war mongering, and pushing the NATO agenda. all to appease the military industrial complex, big corp, and wall st. We have a 1 party system in this country – and it does not work. These clowns all have the same hand pushed up their backside puppeteering their mouths. it's just failure after failure. start voting incompetent leadership at all levels out. even if it means getting the same party – if that's the best that can be done – do not allow the incumbents to be safe. make them do something.

  2. So what if Ukraine has mined their coast? They are fighting for the survival of their nation. You can hardly blame them for using mines to defend themselves.

  3. But if the mine weren’t put in place the Russians would be able to attack Odesa. Do you guys are basically saying that Ukraine should allow the Russians to kill them and take over their cities do other people won’t stare.

  4. The only thing I don't like about this is that Jimmy and Co pretend that Putin has NO agency in any of this shit. He does. Yes, it's right to point out US/Ukraine blame here – but pretending that Russia has nothing to do with it is disingenuous.

  5. Get backyard chickens and raise rabbits and grow as much of your own food as possible. Buy any arable land you can or team up with neighbors and grow food and raise chickens and rabbits. Do it now. This is all a plan to control us.

  6. This channel brought on proponents for modern monetary theory (MMT); of course we're not going to mention the federal reserve when talking about inflation

  7. Right now UKRAINE gets all what it needs for FREE. Means weapons, money,soldiers, foodstuff and medical help. Electricity from Poland, funds from the EU and publicity on all platforms. It can mainly suppy itself not only because 8 million Ukrainians have left the country. It is NOW keen to let the West feel HOW cruel Putin is and how much MORE the West has to do by blocking wheat and sunflower seed exports and by blocking gas supply of the main Russian gas pipeline to the EU.

  8. Just so you know most electric power plants in the US that are fueled by natural gas are operating upside down. The only ones that are staying alive are the ones that can convert to coal. Yes coal. The price per BTU of natural gas is so high right now power plants that can are converting to coal. So there's your green new deal in place. Dumb ass far left progressives fuct everything up to the point our powerplants are either filing for bankruptcy or converting to clean burning coal.

    Read up on it a power plant by me owned by Talen Energy is going through it right now.

  9. To see govt today really show you that morons run and ruin the world… Oh well, what can I do,,, I am on a 10 yr plan…. make as much money as I can….. dump it into passive income stocks that I know will be safe… allow passive income to take over active income… still work to get more… if needed>…govt sucks and will not do for me as long as I am poor… if rich they will do for me and even sit with me to problem solve a rich persons issues over a poor persons problems because the politician get paid way more and have less stress doing for the smallest groups of people or just one rich person vs doing for the greater good of the overall… LOL

  10. All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible. Such people have a tendency to become drunk on violence, a condition to which they are quickly addicted. —MISSIONARIA PROTECTIVA, TEXT QIV (DECTO)

  11. So Ukraine is now the breadbasket of the world and the US doesn't produce enough food to feed its own population. Interesting – maybe we should usher in a huge stream of illegal aliens to feed. That will probably make things better. Wish we could get some farmers interested in growing food in the US nowadays, but I guess it's still more profitable to NOT grow anything and cash those subsidy checks from the government. Once again, the US government has saved its citizens from the pursuit of happiness and freedom of choice of career. Yippee!

  12. Also, Google has been sued for using the NHS data of 1.6 million Britain’s (without their knowledge or consent).
    The company’s artificial intelligence arm, DeepMind, received the data in 2015 from the Royal Free NHS Trust in London for the purpose of testing a smartphone app called Streams.

    At a guess… none of the 1.6 million individuals will receive anything regarding this payout? Probably just get kicked up the arse… and the story brushed over, ignored and forgotten about quickly?

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