Why all this trans stuff?

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Written by M. Tracey


  1. The soft sciences in academia were the first to be corrupted by "Critical Theory" dogma, which had a drastic effect on the practice of psychology. Also it seems like there has been an over diagnosis of various number of psychological condition.

  2. Yes, you are an honest left winger Michael. Difference is that you didn't move when the goalposts moved

    And moved

    And moved.

    Really good interview. Thanks to you both.

  3. So cool to hear this story in a casual conversational way. And I didn't know that about planned parenthood, and I was always disturbed by that whole thing a few years ago where kids are supposed to be liberated to choose their own sex. It seemed like some strange "liberal" thinking went too far and they were just putting it on the TV magazine shows to get some ratings because anything controversial will attract viewers. And it seems like a new role that the media is starting to perfect, that of encouraging or motivating the public to be stupid, just for the sake of controlling them. If the media can influence large parts of the population or even the whole population to be ignorant, rash, stupid, scared, fearful, naive, completely gullible etc. then it is proving itself to be "effective" media, therefore able to take on more ambitious projects of "informing the public". A media where critical thinking is only a novelty and becoming more and more novel to the degree that it can and often is framed as heretical.

  4. Fuck, dude. You make it SO hard to find the value in your work. NO ONE'S ASKING ABOUT ADHD and YOU'RE NOT QUALIFIED TO EVALUATE THAT DIAGNOSIS ANYWAY. I could live with the misstep if you weren't SO FUCKING LONGWINDED about it. But no. Here you are, wasting valuable interview time and boring the crap out of me by this pointless tangent. And for whatever it's worth, I assumed you had ADHD long before you brought the subject up because droning on longwindedly is exactly what people with ADHD do. The next time you have an important interview, please, I beg of you, plan your questions and ask them concisely. I feel like every time this women started sharing her story, you barged in with your own tedious blather and prevented me from learning anything of value. Some reporter! And I don't think you were being an asshole either, by the way, as would be the case with most men who did this. I think you're honestly compelled to interrupt and go on tangents. You can't help it. You have trouble staying on track and focusing on someone else's experience. It seems like ADHD to me but maybe not; get yourself checked out though dude, seriously. Or don't, and maybe I just won't listen to another interview. I know this feedback is harsh but I believe it could be helpful.

  5. I commented something really insightful about all this from a gay man's perspective and a few seconds after when I went to edit my comment, my comment just disappeard…censored away.
    Scary stuff!

  6. Conservatives have historically resisted and continue to resist integrating non-whites and gay people, as well as Jews, Catholics, etc. Transgenderism will be another messy and resisted issue, but in 20 years it'll sort itself out, unless Pence and the handmaid's tale folks take over.

  7. It's sad that you had these issues with your appearance as a woman, Helena. You are very attractive. (Just to give you context, I am not saying this as a sexually frustrated person who has had difficulty with women.)

  8. This was really interesting. I wish this smart woman the best. I'd love to smoke pot and have sex with this beautiful and thoughtful woman. But I'm old enough to be MT's grandfather, so I don't think that will likely happen.

  9. Thx for doing this interview. Still doesnt make up for your BS attack on Tara Reade, but this one is ??? EXCEPT you said TERF—JFC!!! And why is Helena re-naming men & women as CIS—(something we never signed onto nor bought into)? That means she’s still stuck in the AGENDA, and I encourage her to re-think that.

  10. This is all the fruit of the destruction of Western values by a group that began with the Bolsheviks, Marcus Hirschfeld, the Frankfort School, the New School, Herbert Marcuse, Abbie Hoffmann et al..

  11. I'm not sure she's right in saying the culture is now following the lead of confused 14-year-old girls. I would think there were already grown-ups pushing their ideology on Tumblr circa 2012–with the effect (perhaps the intent?) of maximizing fragmentation on the left–that influenced those girls she referred to.

  12. I really agree with Helena’s points about the psychiatric system. Medications are helpful but therapy, social support, and living a healthy lifestyle are necessary to recover. In my experience, labeling someone as having a brain disease makes it seem like they can’t do anything about it. Seeing yourself as a whole person who might be struggling because of environmental and social factors as well as medical issues makes you feel like you can help yourself.

  13. Brilliant and very enlightening conversation between two intelligent and fearless people! I learned tons from Helena: So smart, honest, eloquent, precise. So good at seeing contexts and perspectives. Thanx!

  14. Has anyone else noticed that videos that don't toe the intersectional line have recently been inundated with ads every 2 minutes? I've noticed this on quite a few channels including Bret Weinstein's Dark Horse podcast. None of the "non-controversial" channels I watch seem to have this problem. Is this a kind of soft censorship by youtube or am I being paranoid?