Why Anti-Vaxxers Are Everywhere

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Isaac Butterfield is a Comedian from the great land of Australia.
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Written by Isaac Butterfield

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  1. I don't know man, I'm still too scared to get vaccinated, it's still to early and too many things are unproven and uncertain, in no way I'm an anti-vaxxer, I support proven vaccines, but this one has too many undeniable side effects and I won't be putting it in my body anytime soon, I'll just do anti-body tests every 3 months to renew my certificate, on my last one I had over 1000 anti-bodies and I've never had the Cove, or at least I've never noticed, I have a very good immune system, I've never had any illness, no Flu, no Pneumonia and have never taken antibiotics in my life.

  2. The thing that’s beyond stupid of course…the vax doesn’t prevent you getting it, but means if you were to get ill, you’d have a DRASTICALLY FAR LESS severe case of it…

    But this whole attitude of “protect the vaxxed from the unvaxxed” is beyond stupid…after all, the vaxxed ARE PROTECTED…….BY THE VACCINE…

    but the attitude they are using…it’s ridiculous…
    Imagine if you will, a light shower/rain, you don’t mind getting a bit on you since you’re just going to your car so you don’t unfurl your umbrella…meanwhile a karen walks the other way with their umbrella out and they shriek at you “hey, you need to use your umbrella otherwise mine work work properly”…

  3. Why are there so many Anti-Vaxxers? Because like everything else they changed and widened the definition to label anyone that doesn't fit their narrative as crazy. It's just part of the continuing effort to gas light the public at large. The fact that many people in the medical field are hesitant to get the jab should tell you something. These aren't people that are uninformed or anti-vax, they are required to get many vaccines and regularly apply them as part of their career. There is plenty of valid questions that get swept under the rug.

  4. I just cant trust it. Our goverment (czech republic ) is making dumb mandates that dont even help anything ! They stopped testing people who are vaccinated even tho that can spread it and forced people who dont want to take the vaccine out of social life (you cant go to pub, restaurant, cinema, hairdresser, nailtech ect. ) and now we need to pay for PCR test that cost 800,- crowns and those test lasts only for 48 hours which is fucking madness to go to those places. So for those who dont want to take it its just to go to work and to home. Its much more going on that we can see and that fucking scary.

  5. I am anti-vaxxer and no communist thugs are going to intimidate me into saying "oh I'm not anti-vax, but…" NO! I am 100% against everything these murderous psycho freaks want to put inside of other people's bodies. I AM SPARTACUS!

  6. Hey you mind talking about youth getting vaxxed because with all the chat around the internet with the supposed health risks for young people like myself are really concerned about health risks

  7. i am scared of the c but im more scared of the juice., it has no long term studies.ect.
    but the main reason is when ever has the whole world followed the same agender or agreed on anything.
    it doesen,t make sense to me.
    anyway just my oppinion.
    i am asking questions as all should be, the trouble is im not getting any answers, just been told trust me its safe.
    WHENEVER anyone puts trust me before or after a statement be nervious.
    are they trying to convince me or themselfs.
    just a thought.
    take care all.

  8. Listen to words they use like antivaxer. A label that conveniently destroys anyone who questions the narritive. It was conspiracy that they were building camps to hold australians in. Today the qld government with the help of the army and police rounded up aboriginals and put them in the health camps. LOL This will happen and a larger and larger scale people. This was a test run for the rest of the country, just like Dictator Dans Draconian Laws he is trying to pass. Stand up or roll over and lose freedom and body autonomy.

  9. Just remember a lot of the so called anti vaxers are ordinary Australians who they or their kids have been damaged severly by vacines. They are not the enemy. They were the early warning signs of whats to come.

  10. I think the biggest argument and you pointed it out, is because we haven't had like some other countries have had in death rates we have an attitude of she will be right. I also am double vaxed and I also agre with a lot of your argument but I stop at the argument everyone is classed as an anti vaxer. I class them as morons the media manipulation and the liberal government manipulation especially the United Australia party. It is all political at this stage, and questioning in my eyes is fine but when you question with absolutely no evidence to back your point of course you are going to look like an idiot. Also the ivemectin argument the people who make it studied it and found it basically does nothing to covid delta variant yet again people spreading an argument with no evidence.

  11. You know whats BS? yourself or creaky blinder and others can make videos like this, as they should, but I had youtube take down a video that showed an anti vaxxer, saying you cant show anyone saying anything against CDC guidelines. Is it something they do to smaller channels? just curious if anyone else experienced this

  12. There’s a big difference between anti vax and I don’t want to be forced to get an experimental vax that doesn’t even work for a virus that I have a 99.99% chance of surfing as a health 37 year old man.

  13. I wish you had of added the fact anti-vax people are being classed as terrorist from Dan Andrews. How can a person be a terrorist when everyone in Victoria would love to kick that man's ass.

  14. Immunosuppressed kids shouldn’t be getting any vaccine currently as they didn’t do any studies. They refused to cause they knew what would fucking happened to most of them. Imagine sticking some shit in an immunosuppressed kids blood stream when they can barely fight off the average cold…

  15. If Victorians aren't happy with Dan Andrews Bill and the future precedence that it may set, then they can do some research and work out how they want the Bill changed, then set up a petition on the Vic Government website. If enough people sign the petition then those adjustments to the Bill which is highlighted in the petition will definately be debated in parliament, and not ignored.

    I think this is a better approach rather than thousands of probably mostly non vaccinated people with probably wearing no Masks, protesting without social distancing in the streets, which could lead to a super spreading event.

    The Bill is not going to be dropped because it's just the State of emergency legislation that is being updated to make it more relevant to a pandemic and any future pandemics that may happen. So most States will be updating the Emergency legislation. But you have the right to contribute your suggestions of adjustments of governmental powers through a petition (as I have discussed above).

  16. Australian politicians (labour, liberal and greens) need to be removed 100% from power. Go look for a new party, there are many. We cannot expect change in Australian politics if we keep on voting for corrupt parties. Make the effort and go look for a new party that can participate in building a new Australia. PS !! You are not looking for the new pope, do not go and look for that perfect faultless party, make the change to protect yourself or someone will forcibly change you AGAINST your will.

  17. Love your work mate but come down and see the mutants that are protesting. QAnon, Antivax and whitepower. No wholesome purveyors of civil rights legislation. Transfer power to an elected official rather than a public servant and remove the need for a state of emergency shifts the power in favour of democracy.

  18. here is a legit question..i live in melbourne i am double vaxxed as is now OVER 90% of victorians.. so why do we still have restrictions? when ever other country has removed theirs and allowed their citizens to get on with life?? P.S i did NOT attend that or any other protest, i go to work, do my job, go home and look after my new baby so my wife can go to work…

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