Why are more people dying suddenly? Censored docu “Died Suddenly”

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Have you ever gotten a shot, and the nurse puts a bandaid on it, and when you take the band-aid off later, there’s blood on the band-aid? Hang around and I’ll tell you why that could make a difference in YOUR health.

Why are more people dying suddenly? Censored docu “Died Suddenly”

COVID Spike protein and fibrinolysis

Vaccine safety in National setting

Video clip from Dr John Campbell

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  1. I don't know what they are teaching in nursing school these days, (not to suggest that the majority of these
    people administering the jab are licensed nurses), but when I went through RN training in the 90's, you were taught to ALWAYS aspirate an IM injection for blood and I still do.

  2. We need to continually ask questions; that is what science used to be.  

    As a retired clinical researcher I had two compassionate (emergency use) submissions; one approved and both patients were at end of life. The fact that the majority of the mRNA vaccines are still not approved is an issue. Moreover, proper informed consent meeting ICH guidelines, has not been met.

  3. I'm not going to say there is or isn't a connection between the Jabba and dying suddenly because I don't really have enough evidence one way or the other.

    You need to be careful when watching documentaries about anything because they are designed to sell you a particular case, most of the time. This means the evidence presented isn't exactly balanced, it's slanted in favor of the argument the documentary would like you to accept.

    I've always agreed with idea that we should be aspirating the injections. HOWEVER, if the injection technique is the issue why does the myocarditis seem to only be associated with the SECOND injection? If it's related to technique then the incidence should be the same with both the first and second injection because, presumeably the error rate would be substantially the same.

    Just something to think about.

    Keep up the questions, Dr. Kelly!

  4. Doesn't anyone except me remember that the "Donald" tried to take credit for the vaccine? In fact, he even claimed to have "invented" it. But now, on a serious note. This is just more conspiracy theory crap. Grow the hell up. "Sudden death" is an actual thing. Thousands of people die every year from "Sudden Death Syndrome". These deaths are usually autopsied. The cause of death is usually found to be an embolism (blood clot), a fatal stoke, a heart attack, or a ruptured artery. If failure to aspirate was causing blood clots, as is the conspiracy theory, it would not have taken 2 years to kill anyone. It would have happened in days or weeks. Your welcome.

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