Why Are The Left Transitioning Kids?

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  1. Plastic surgeons can make up to six figures off of the whole shebang of transition operations and HRT. The evil fuckstick holding the buckets knows what he’s doing.

    Welcome to the world where someone become a millionaire from castrating ch1ldren

  2. so is transitioning literal children who likely don't know any better just… the norm now (at least in the west)? and unless you blindly agree with it, you're nothing but a bigot to these dyed-hair freaks?
    i swear to god man, the human species is a ticking time bomb, and our time's running out.

  3. You should see the massive overhaul of safeguarding and child protection law (2022) in school this year. Massive emphasis on exposing sexual abuses and grooming (between students, and also adults). I've also noticed the rainbow ground have piped down in school also. Coincidence?

    Also, the rate of sexually abused children under the age of 7 has gone up by 360% since 2020, about 250% for ages 7-10, and massive increases between ages of 10-13. Data from the IWF.

  4. They target transitioning to kids for a few reasons. 1 they are gullible and don’t understand the consequences of what’s going to happen to them. 2. After castration they will be left unsatisfied for the rest of their life replacing it with ideology. 3. Essentially without joy in their lives, and unable to admit transitioning was their mistake they enter a deep depression plus mental issues that political forces on the left abuse. 4. As demographics change through time what was once semi conservative families will be replaced with angry bitter miserable leftists. now middle aged finding their lives unsatisfied they become a useful ideologically driven faction to attack conservatives. 5 once they have served their purpose for the democrat elites they’ll inevitably be thrown away. unable to have children and spending their lives as ideological attack dogs after another half century they’ll be gone or greatly reduced in numbers. so much so that the political establishment doesn’t even have to pretend to care about them.

  5. Only the left can turn a traumatized child into an accessory to have the latest and greatest of. At least they used to have the decency to use leather for bags instead of mutilating actual children to project their mental impairment to their friends.

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