Why are UK authorities ignoring honour killings?

Forced Marriages: Arranged marriages causing a wave of unreported violence

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There are 8 to 10 thousand forced marriages in the UK every year. As authorities are accused of taking ‘honour’ crimes too lightly, girls who resist or refuse a marriage can face abuse, torture, even death.

“We have kidnappings, abductions, sexual offences. Anything that you can imagine could happen does happen in the name of honour”, Nazir Afzal, the Chief Prosecutor for Northwest England, tells us. Shafilia Ahmed simply wanted to be a lawyer and to make her own relationship choices. But her parents judged the 17-year-old’s aspirations to be shameful to the family, so they killed her and made their other children watch the consequences of perceived dishonour. In the multi-cultural corners of the United Kingdom law enforcement authorities are struggling to address the problem. Police, in particular, have been accused of not taking honour crime seriously, ignoring clear warning signs and pleas for help. Detective Constable Palbinder Singh says part of the problem is being too culturally sensitive. “It’s a ruse. We won’t interfere with that family, it’s their culture. Well hang on a minute, crimes are being committed, people’s lives are being destroyed, people’s freedoms are being suppressed.”

ABC Australia – Ref no. 5990

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  1. Omg that's exactly the kind of word a female police officer used for me when I went for help. Wtf. These officers are messed up. How could they not believe her.

  2. you need to realize that the authotities ignore these crimes so they can carry on. Feminists who argue that they support women never end up supporting women oppressed by islam.

  3. What a shame I am Pakistani and Muslim, I think that the British government should expel this kind of badly civilized people from their country, they have no right to live in these societies.

  4. UK authorizaties are ignoring this cause thing like that, never happen in their culture. It can be ended if they don't allow migrats of such countries, or else taking some steps with the concerned countries.

  5. What 'honour killings?' There is no such thing, this is plain bloody murder and the murderers are dishonourable. These people are still living in caves. It's about time your people prevented such things, and it's about time the Government took harsh steps in preventing it. If I MURDER I go to prison. As for Singh of the House of Lords, he is part of the problem, he wont even confront the problem from what he says, we should 'look at the wider picture'. In that case he thinks its OK to murder.

  6. It should be simple. If a cultural custom is toxic and infringes on freedom & human life itself then it should be eradicated. Embrace the good customs and leave the bad behind.

  7. So heartbreaking ??
    This is going on the top of my prayer list. Dear Heavenly Father, please provide protection for these poor girls and women. Safe them from a horrible future and possibly death. Give comfort to the people who have lost their loved ones to this horrific fate. In Jesus name I pray this. Amen.

  8. I am Indian from Northeast India that sardar is saying it wrong not every part of India people think that. Here in Northeast woman are celebrated for their contribution from history to Indian independence, daughters are blessing here we don't even part nonsense practice like dowry. We have communities here where mother is head of family girl inherit and boys leave house because back in history our kings use to fight and earn bread as where as the woman would run everything back home supporting her husband. Man and woman are given equal rights here..He doesn't speak for this part of Asia

  9. Astagfirullah, there is nothing honourable about killing your own daughters. You might get away with it for now but the true trial awaits you, so pay heed to your daughter’s consent.

  10. Shafelia amhed was definitely failed by the police and the NHS. As soon as she said she was in danger she should have been removed from the home straight away

  11. The school I went to automatically calls your parents if you miss one day of school and after a certain time they contact police and social services. The fact that so many young girls have just stopped attending school suddenly and no one has raised an eyebrow is shocking especially if the girl in question had previously attended every day. If a child moves to a school in a different area the old school is contacted for records so they can't even say they thought they'd moved to a different school

  12. When people love their culture so much why do they go to western countries. Western society is a rare island of freedom and liberty please dont pollute it. There are enough countries where you can go and follow all these rigid traditions.

  13. As an Indian, this happens too often here so often that cases don't get much attention, anyways this is one of the least form of oppression here. Things are much worse.

  14. I have a really good idea you stay in your side off the world and we will stay in ours job done sorted but the politicians want cheap labour so keep on importing people from the other side off the world with different values

  15. A lot people in the comments talk about how backward this culture is…but thing is this has nothing to do with culture… honour killings are a problem in India also and the ones who perpetrate these things are hanged… So make no mistake this has nothing to do with culture…

  16. Sikhs aren’t supposed to honor kill and in fact because a strong principle of our religion that we are all equal we can marry anyone we want but ppl of the religion are influenced by culture and so-called “society”

  17. Funny how this documentary refers all asians the same despite "asians" represents 49 countries with various faith system!! It's targeted the sikh faith for honour killings when the real shame lies with Islam!!! All faith are open to change except one but very few media let alone the police n law ever likes to name it!! So the muslims like to recognise themselves with a vague term as "asians" n the west accepts it!! ?

  18. My son was victim of honour killing in 2015….. (M.MUSA.BALOCHKHAN).I am still asking the British government for help and I do not get any yet…I been homeless for more than 3 years…. because I am raising this….. my local council, children's services, caffcast , have written reports against me which are not true.. just to cover their back every person is getting promoted…..


  20. and these archaic misogynistic cultures and views have infiltrated western society and are destroying it !….its nice to see at least some of these men here fighting this injustice towards women.

  21. To be honest, I recently shifted to Canada and I saw that desi's living there are so much into false cultural things. Undue restrictions on children, nonsense rules etc.
    I feel many of them are too much away from reality.