Why are University Students Pretending Not to be White?

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  1. Why? Because they are not white, they are pink skinned , there’s only pink people and brown people on this planet, look in the mirror and see for your selves.

  2. Macbeth, but it is about empowering black women? Isn´t ironic they need the name recognition of an old white man to be "empowered"? I mean, they could use one of the MANY africans stories to, you know, empower black people. Even in their power fantasy they still live in the shadows of the monument build by white men.

  3. I have noticed a trend recently of obviously white people saying they identify as a person of color, saying they are Native American is quite popular, another one is to say they are latino or latina because they have a Spanish or Italian last name, when it's obvious they are from Spanish decent and not Native to mexico or south America. I literally had a girl with blond hair and blue eyes tell me she was a racial minority because her last name was Garcia.

  4. The myth of American Indian heritage is very widespread. On our western march, many of us intermarried with the natives and no one cared.

    Of course, most of us didn't and are still mostly European in our DNA.

    There used to be an exhaustive process to prove that you were at least 1/8 American Indian to receive any benefits. The modern world is so afraid of itself that it simply makes sense to ask for all of the privileges without proof because what racist bigot is going to question your lived experience despite your obvious lie?

  5. it's like when i say im romani after being called a white bastard (or whatever) i get called a copper thief instead. 😔 not that i care in the long run, just find it funny.

  6. Bring more attention to the fact that it's blatant antiwhite hatred.
    Only time you mentioned it seemed almost forced and hesitant. No, say it loudly. They hate you and want you dead because you are white. Don't sugarcoat it.

  7. “Colonists would often join tribes and become part of tribal society” . Really Carl? An SJW told you this and you believe it??? I have lived in almost entirely tribal areas in Australia working with the people there for long periods of time. I was part of life their they were my friends and treated me as part of their group, gave me a tribal name a “Skin name” but realistically I was always going to be a “gudiya” or white man. What’s wrong with that? No you can’t join a tribe, not in any real sense, you can only be born into a tribe you can’t join it. I’m sure that there have been rare exceptions but in general that assertion is flat wrong.

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