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Welcome to a world where humans are constantly under surveillance. Where designer children are genetically selected, drones hover the skies, companies implant microchips in their employees, and artificial intelligence poses a direct challenge to our own.

Big Data, Big Brother exposes just how closely today’s reality mirrors two of the most well-known dystopian novels of the 20th century: Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and George Orwell’s 1984.

Featuring rich archives and contributions from some of the most influential minds around today, including Orwell’s son Richard Blair, Big Data, Big Brother leads us through the premonitions of the two authors’ imaginations to question society today

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  1. "Some doctors…offering custom made babies", "dr. Steinberg makes alpha babies to order".

    Except not. At all. Simply selecting from embryos that already naturally exist.

  2. Let me get this straight the media always attacked and criticized Trump and the Trump Administration, I watched as all media outlets lied about events and facts revolving Trump CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, you name the station I witnessed the lies and manipulation with my own eyes. But as stated in this Documentary they were working in favor of Trump? Ok….

  3. Orwell had also bought into the pipe dream of socialist Utopia, took a hit from said pipe, and promptly tapped out the contents. He saw socialism for the sham it is, which is WORSE than true free market capitalism. Because capitalism (in it's unfettered free market form) allows you to be all you can be to coin the Army's motto. Socialism does the opposite: It cons you into thinking you can get things without working. And you get lots of time to ponder that claim as you wait on a 10-hour line to get a roll of toilet paper. Ironic choice of narrator here. I'm skeptical. Showing Trump's picture while talking about fake news isn't too cool, either. MSM pumped out so much disinformation about Trump they gave America Biden. Strike that: The WORLD got Biden.

  4. You explained all the lies and process of propoganda and changing of speech and control of facts and truth and then had the Gall to NOT point out the deluge of lies, propoganda, changing of language, history, news, facts, by the left and Woke Social Justice Warriors bent on the destruction of all western values, ideals and beliefs!
    The deliberate malicious distortion of reality by the left, MSM, and Big Tech is beyond brazen and glaringly obvious! They dont even pretend or try to hide it anymore!
    How embarrassing for you!

  5. The last half is pure pc libtard
    painting of trump.
    as big brother while not a word about the steath
    dictatorship of the
    bigger big brother
    of the soylent green new deal.

  6. Censoring truth or adjusting it to serve a alternative opinion will be a major problem in countries where this is happening on a large scale. As we evolve computational AI and integrate it into society for Mathematical / Automation / Problem Solving / Data uses, we will find that intentional misguided truths will steer areas of society that are affected by the information actioned based on the results of the technology. These Countries will fall behind the Global norm and leave themselves in a position of total vulnerability and open to to further external manipulation for adverse gain. Lies and censored facts will destroyed countries that are non fact based and follow a fictional understanding of reality. Facts and Truth as well as the ability to accept them will determine power and advancement. No matter how damaged a country is getting out of a fictional misguided reality is essential, the other option is self destruction and inevitably non existence.

  7. We are spying on ourselves. The bogeyman walks amongst us – that's the frightening truth. An uncomfortable fact not often voiced is that Hitler didn't work alone. Those who installed the gas chambers were as essential as the hatred motivating fascists everywhere. If there was CCTV in the camps would the Nazi guards have been less brutal?

  8. Total nuclear annihilation sounds like vacation now done it,our legacy fantastic .what have we won :the neccesaty to perish as an entire species .what have lost the right to walk mother earth .sucks to realize how discusting our race is .

  9. Felim McMahon is misleading his study grop when he charecterizes the Trump orginazation as affiliated with the media and controlling public opinion. The bulk of the media is hell bent on demonizing Trump.

  10. 2001-11-9 the beginning ectra now covid corona green pas no vax you get fired from youre job vaxination obligated in health care by law ? soon maybe for every human in europe soon , ostria all non vaxinated are lockdown not the vaxinated all children from 10 years old obliged to vaxinate ? brave new world is coming sow get upp stand upp dont lose youre human rights …

  11. Surveillance could have been considered tolerable to a degree if it had produced a better society, instead the present world is a place of extreme corruption, needless wars, poverty, destruction, overflowing prisons,inequality materialist, no human rights, freedom, a constant flow of lies. Greed and selfishness prevails. In short Hell on Earth, killing all beauty and spirituality. The feeling of being a good human being with values is a pleasure in itself, greed kill's that feeling of being worthwhile, make's people feel worthless, falling deeper into despair and anti human behaviour.

  12. I kept waiting for her to say  "and gate recognition"  .  it's not just facial recognition , but the way we walk that identifies us . (If you really want them to freak out put a stone in your shoe , and wear shoes with one heel higher than the other , along with that mask , hat , and sunglasses)

  13. Even the professor is stupid. President Trump. Had to expose the Fake media…. Stupid video.!! All those reporters don't work for President Trump! "This video is a big fake and are liars!!!!

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