Why Aren’t Democrats Protesting the Biden DOJ Over Lack of 1/6 Insurrection Charges?

For the last 9 months, Democrats in politics and media have insisted that 1/6 was the worst attack on American democracy since the Civil War, that it entailed crimes of sedition, treason, insurrection and attempted murder and kidnapping of elected officials. Yet thus far, not a single American has been charged with any of those crimes. If Democrats believe this narrative, why are they not enraged at the Biden DOJ?

Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. The attack was organized. FBI's problem is that it was organized by their informers and double-agents. To dodge the reputation hit they would suffer if this becomes public knowledge, they relabeled it to unorganized, as an unorganized event does not have any organizers. Everyone gets what they want, the democrats had their "threat to democracy" and the FBI gets increased grants next year, as every year. This turn of events became pretty obvious to me, after having seen an interview recently, I think it was with Joe Rogan as host. Please comment who below, as I can't recall.

  2. Why I admire and respect Glenn, among many reasons, is his tweet:

    "Animals are beautiful, complex, majestic and fascinating — including the ones we've been taught to fear or dislike. Along with humans and natural beauty, they're what make this planet so spectacular. Like all life, animal life is sacred and they deserve compassion and kindness."

    It would be great if one can have a site where all his twitter twits could be collected…

  3. Brennan is again proved to be full of shit………………'s also obvious that Lawrence of Arabia is elated that "more indictments are coming "………..a good example of the liberal "sausage making " of the false narrative .

  4. Great question for the dems and their sycophants in the media. The reality for dems and msm is a web of lies. The truth is far from them. The public sees they this curtain. The wizard of oz is a fraud.

  5. Glenn, I just love your expressions on this whole matter. You say it all in the best truthful manner. Hate to say it but I was laughing. You should have added AOC and her tearful diatribe of people pounding on her door. What were they thinking? No wool over my eyes! So sorry liberals. Man in horns and grandma with grandson entering the White House, along with orange man, NOT sooo bad. The sad part is people who entered have been treated horribly by our justice department because of the false narratives. The dems and their media axes need to be reckoned with. They have no brotherhood, just outright malice for all not of their elite breed. Judgement will be on them in the end.

  6. This brings to mind Kamala on Colbert after the debates when he asked her about one of her views she replied"Stephen, it's was a debate". Theater, it all seems like theater. AOC at the border, 1/6, Russiagate….

  7. 16:02 That Dr. guy has a hilariously self-mocking spin on the bookshelf background trope. 😂🤦 (I think his initials might have gotten to his head. 😜)

    19:35 Murks dying of heart attacks and drug overdoses while protesting is just perfect poetical parody. 😏

  8. The FBI will never find its own people guilty. Just some white on white crime and obviously in kangaroo courts they will always get very little punishment.

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