Why Blackrock Says the Global Economy Has Entered a New World Order and What Worked Before Won’t

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Written by Steven Van Metre


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  1. "Global Economy Has Entered a New World Order and What Worked Before Won't" All Empires must come to an end, and the time of the western empire end is here, Blackrock is correct

  2. How do you expand supply when you have a government constantly suppressing energy supply? The answer is you can't. If the current government stays in power you will continue to get the stupid policies of the 1970's where the only way to bring inflation down was to cause a recession.

  3. There’s one difference, your CPI and gas price chart; the entire chart, gas has lead CPI… why is CPI above gas prices this time? Not buying your premise on this one.

  4. I agree with your analysis if this were a free market but, what I fear is more and more government interventions, FED printing, central planning and algorithmic trading. All of them are disruptive and detrimental to free markets

  5. Blackrock, Claus Schwab, the WEF, globalist billionairs, for years desired to create a NEW WORLD ORDER, a dellusion where we, the people own nothing but be happy. They tried to use the COVID crisis to force New World Order mandates, digital immunization ID, to submit humanity to their obssessive desire for power, money and control. It did not work. So …
    Try, try, again. Now they will use a coming economical crisis to farther their New World Order agenda. To achieve it Step one: Blackrock et al need to brainwash us to accept the term: New World Order, wheather it is relevant or not to the circumstances.
    Thanks to smart people like Steven, we refuse any such brainwash from this billionair globalist club or cult.

  6. It’s the exiting of the boomers as an economic unit. 40 years ago the last of the boomers entered the workforce, and now they’re leaving. It’s in my opinion, capital leaving. This also happened prior to 1929 when a large portion of the population (which was aging) left the economy.

  7. When the good hearts of American families overthrow the corporate governance that has committed fraud, war crimes and continues laundering billions of mummys and daddy's tax money to support NAZISM in Europe… on that day we will enjoy peace and prosperity for all our families all over the world… stop spending money with companies that are pro killing us all

  8. A major difference between now (and the foreseeable future) is that at no time in our past has energy pricing been affected by rampant world-wide anti-carbon energy policies (ala the green new misdeal), which will keep energy costs from coming back down except to the extent it's caused by reduced demand resulting from job losses and the pending recession–after which it will continue its strangulating surge.

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