Why Celsius Fell Apart

Unbank yourself – not a great plan in hindsight

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This video is an opinion and in no way should be construed as statements of fact. Scams, bad business opportunities, and fake gurus are subjective terms that mean different things to different people. I think someone who promises $100K/month for an upfront fee of $2K is a scam. Others would call it a Napoleon Hill pitch.

Written by Coffeezilla


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  1. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t even fit everything in this video, as long as it is… so here’s EVEN MORE DETAIL FOR THOSE INTERESTED!

    Alex Mashinsky’s Connections to Past Rugpulls–
    Alex has some strange connections to prior failed ICOs, that look like RUGPULLS. This was reported initially by Dirty Bubble Media: Basically the story goes that Alex has an NFT twitter profile that proves his ownership of this wallet: 0xc33192B79AD149b05169516A8aF2adc6e1E08EF6
    This wallet is then connected to an account that dumped a bunch of ICO coins from companies he previously advised on—SIRIN LABS and MICROMONEY.

    But it doesn’t stop there, some of the sketchy hires we discuss in this video, like the ones arrested for money laundering are CONNECTED to these past rugpulls, as explained by UpperEchelonGamers.(linked in description)

    stETH/ETH liquidity issues:
    Not to be confused with the Stakehound situation, Celsius had further issues with an ETH2.0 derivative on DEFI pools where they found themselves stuck either keeping their staked ETH2 or selling a derivative worth less. Linked:

    Let me know what you think of longer videos like this!

  2. Great video and information!
    I was really looking into Celsius at one point. Everything appeared positive. But, before I jumped in, I started listening to Mashinsky on podcasts and, man, he became extremely aggressive pushing Celsius. That's when my red flag went up! Something just wasn't jiving with that dude to me. Luckily, I never invested. Glad I didn't. Moral is…if you're just feel "off" about something, you should definitely stay away from it. (I get this feeling about a few more cryptos that everyone is going crazy over.)

  3. There are some other crypto hedge funds that do the same: TrueFi (TrueUSD), BlockFi – promoted by some youtubers. Protocols you mentioned(AAVE, Compound) have certain similarities with hedge funds too. They have certain risk framework, which they operate on. So there is also some element of risktrust involved in holding your crypto there.

  4. I was watching your channel since 2 years ago and anyone that allowed himself to get scammed in laat 6 months is complete moron blinded by greed and nonsense lime ethereum going 100k

  5. Even with the current dip in crypto currency's I'm glad I can smile 🙂back at my portfolio of $107,000built from my weekly trading I have received my sixth withdrawal which is every 14 business days per trade investing through expert Mr Arjun B Jagat

  6. The guy even talks like a banker, and stalls like a banker. what a meme

    When your cashier is a crazy shark with a sticker on his head that says 'trust me', full of ancap ideology on his social media, and he will ruin you whenever he sees his capital in danger. Sounds like financial freedom to hell.

  7. I appreciate the upper echelon guy calling out crypto/web3 scams, but scrolling through his channel he seems otherwise like a fairly conservative 'gamergate' guy

    he's got the right to say and believe whatever he wants, but that channel is gonna be a no from me at this moment

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