Why China Banned Skyscrapers

The Chinese government has banned the construction of any buildings over 500 metres in height and called time on architectural plagiarism – here’s why. For more by The B1M subscribe now –

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Narrated by Fred Mills. Additional footage and images courtesy of Carlos Barria, N509FZ, NBBJ, Gensler and ECADI.

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  1. It might have something to do with their reputation for building crap that soon starts to deteriorate and the difficulty in dealing with that at extreme heights.

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  3. Finally a channel with a very well articulated speech. Easier to understand for non native English viewers. Thank you for the job.
    Very good images, not moving too fast, pleasant to watch.
    And last but not least, extremely interesting topics.
    Usually I post negative critics, but when it's good, it's just good.

  4. China’s skyscraper boom was always a gigantic lie, and a desperate attempt to imitate the US… it’s really sad that instead of preserving their historic architecture, they decided to waste public funds in replicating tall buildings that no one needed. All of that to show off, and it’s the people who will pay for it

  5. ghastly grammar. How can someone write such a very poor script? I refuse to believe that the British school system could turn out such ignorance.

  6. I would imagine part of the reason would also be due to the increasing density that comes with skyscrapers, particularly residential ones. The transportation networks may be becoming saturated.

  7. I think they came to the conclusion they were building copies of western cities, and more precisely following the anglo-saxon model for city centers, like we see in the US, Australia, I think they decided that their cities should have their own identity from now on and follow their own cultural heritage.

  8. I am sad that they seem to be following the North American model, where lot's of historical neighbourhoods and old buildings get destroyed to make place for these monstrosities.
    In Dubai they have the decency to build the skyscrapers out in the desert and leave the old town intact.
    People like to visit European cities from all over the world, but then destroy their own history and heritage.

  9. Seriously, local government and development companies destroyed my area Panyu/GZ,GD. Can't fucking get from point A to point B without a Car. Just came back from Shanghai, so much more well maintained. Realize what a disgrace the city planning here is. Seriously with all humility, the Europeans got it right, no more Dubai-ification please.