Why China Couldn’t Afford to Lose the Olympics

The Chinese government is obsessed with mass games like the Olympics. North Korea, the USSR, and other dictatorships place a similar level of importance on the games. Here’s why this is an issue.

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Written by laowhy86

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  1. It really saddens me as the olympics are something that I thought I can be proud of my own country but the surrounding atrocities and stuff happening along with the CCP has really made it so hard for me as an Australian Chinese. I want to say to everyone that my country did great and being proud of my own people but then there’s these lingering controversy that just ruins the dedication and effort that the people have put into their sports. Also reading the amount of comments who hate Chinese people has really put me down. Just because we are Chinese we can’t be proud of our country? I know the horrible things that the government has done but it really invalidates the athletes efforts. I wish things were different and when I hear of China I can be proud of the nation, the culture, the behaviour of my country

  2. I am not against Chinese people or their athletes. However, I would like to see China Olympic get the poorest showing in the history of the Olympic. Why give praise to the CCP? No we must shame the CCP.The world must show the CCP that we give no honor to their crimes against humanity and the Chinese people. Of course, the Olympic has always been political and it continues to do so. So give the CCP a political message too, that we boycott the Olympic because we do not support or respect the CCP. Did you beam with pride when an American won any medals? You didn’t mention it.

  3. 5:21 No, it was the US military and the Soviet Red Army that took down Japan, also loawhy86, when you put the picture of the Soviet stuff from the opening ceremony of the 2014 winter Olympics, I think the reason that was added had more to do with Russian history as opposed to politics, seeing as how imperial events were added such as the creation of the first Russian Navy thanks to Tsar Peter the Great

  4. 100% correct, only 80s Soviet Russia wasn't nearly as totalitarian as modern China. it was a period of steady decline of everything Soviet, locally labeled as "zastoy" Which literally means stagnation. and there were no gulags in the eighties Russia. China has its re-education camps and western leaders are willfully shutting their eyes and not paying attention for the sake of political games.

  5. I love the insight you showed connecting how these extremist countries always try too hard to show off at the Olympics in an attempt to show their “success” to the West. I’ve never thought of it this way

  6. That's not f word. Thats a common cheering phrase people use when winning a round in their game. Especially table tennis, badminton, etc. If you've watched sports games properly you would've known.

  7. It’s time the US let Japan rebuild its Navy and Army and invade China destroy communist before it’s too late. I mean it’s already late but Japan would smoke China within days

  8. I dont get it, if taiwan is their own kingdom..
    why would they change their name in the olympics?
    why not be like: "you want us to change our name to insinuate that we belong to you? fuck off. we are TAIWAN!"

  9. Honestly tho…
    I feel worse for the “pretty” girl that was lip syncing. Her entire performance was a lie.
    That sucks, dude.
    She was given a spotlight that was stolen from someone else… And then got national publicity for it. Yikes. She’ll likely never feel like she deserves anything to come out of it.

  10. I hope they lose a lot more than that!!
    So many foreigners lost their lifestyle, their jobs.. so many taken prisoner both male and female, deported and blacklisted so I don’t feel pity for the gov or the police! SHEN JING BING

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