Why Chinese jets are intercepting US, Canadian, Australian planes | Indo-Pacific Geopolitics

In this video we’ll learn Why is China intercepting Canadian and Australian planes | Indo-Pacific Geopolitics.
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Written by Amit Sengupta


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  1. If anyone dares split Taiwan from 🥺China🥺PRC🥺CCP🥺?
    The only nation that actively splits Taiwan from 🥺China🥺PRC🥺CCP🥺, is 😩China.😩
    🥺China🥺PRC🥺CCP🥺is the 😩abusive 😩 husband blaming the police for why his wife is leaving him. 🥺China🥺PRC🥺CCP🥺are aware of this but play their shameless games because the West (the police) allow the game/charade, in the interest of peace.🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  2. The U.S., Canadian or Australian Air Force planes r flying in those areas , not to just monitor international shipping in lieu of some American sanctions imposed on N Korea, but rather using the monitoring reasons as an excuse to conduct spying activities or snooping around the Chinese territories for its military or naval activities there . China has given ample warnings to these ‘snoopers ‘ who gets too close to its territories esp, flying over or close to Chinese militarized zones ; obviously, China has every right to intercept any foreign Spy planes in their vicinity. These foreign planes were not on any emergency missions but rather on spying or intel. gathering missions & the Chinese fighters are there to challenge them. The next time, if these foreign planes get too close & they would receive a very hot reception.

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