Why Clinton Lawyer Was Acquitted Of Lying To FBI

In what came as a surprise to many, the Justice Department’s prosecution of Hillary Clinton attorney Michael Sussman has resulted in an acquittal on charges that Sussman lied to the FBI. Russiagaters have seized on the news as evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia, but that conclusion is far from warranted considering the actual evidence.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté ( discuss why Sussman, who is well known to have misrepresented whether he was acting on his own behalf or on behalf of the Clinton campaign when he brought “evidence” of collusion to the FBI, managed to get himself acquitted.

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  1. Never, ever talk to the police without a lawyer, especially the FBI. They have a thing called the Form 302 that they submit. If your story deviates from what is on Form 302 that they submitted they can charge you with perjury.

  2. Remember: Obama said he spread the disinfo throughout the government to protect the "evidence" from being destroyed when Trump took office. Is this not sedition? Don't worry about Oberman–Twitter's disinformation team will flag it immediately.

  3. Sussman and Perkins and coy had a direct line and office with the FBI. Either way the truth came out for those who care about the truth that says
    Sussman really is guilty along with Hillary Clinton the DNC and the FBI that colluded with each other with the big fat Russia Russia Russia Lie .

  4. Hillary Will Never See A Day In Jail Her & Bills Net Worth Is 300 Million And If Push Comes To Shove The Clinton Foundation Has 3 Billion Yes That's 3 Billion With A B Jimmy 😂

  5. This is why the two have already judged humanity and found it lacking. They said public confessions or wrath. They are incapable of delivering justice so the 2 will wipe the earth clean. Enjoy the end.

  6. It's funny that some of us knew all of this right from the beginning as it was going on some people really do believe in finding the truth and we more than anyone else is the most frustrated with all the crap n lies.

  7. That branch of the dems is in bed with the CFR the WHO , NATO The FBI The CIA AIPAC the Saudis. If you are cool with all those organizations you can literally get away with murder. They also steal trillions of tax dollars from our people. Its no wonder our infrastructure is falling apart and our schools are terrible.

    Lets not kid ourselves the republicans are also playing the same game.

  8. If you read the judges instructions to the jury, It makes sense why he was found not guilty. From my understanding the judge instructed the judge instructed the jury that they were only to consider if Sussman lied to the FBI on the day he met them. The jury was told to not take into consideration if suspended is threatening if Sussman lied the day before to the FBI to the FBI… it was only if he restated the stated the text to the FBI

  9. Major West is correct; the FBI was not fooled, but were racketeering with the Clinton campaign to frame Donald Trump and to launch phony investigations for political reasons.

  10. More handwringing over the corrupt ones winning. I am getting very bored. I do not click on very many of these stories anymore. Just wake me up when they figure out how to counter it all.

  11. she undermined the whole election,and undermined a sitting presidents ,presidency.if that isnt treason,i dont know what else is.nothing will happen to her.The View will still invite her on as though nothing happened.its not right.
    and the last election,they conspired last minute to overthrow another election.pushed out bernie,and propped up biden.
    thats not democracy..

  12. You mean a DC Jury found him INNOCENT????? GEE — What a Surprise….! I bet if they had changed his last name to Flynn, they would would found him not only guilty, but ordered him held without bail!!

  13. The FIB knew all along and Durham is covering for them . The acquittal is exactly what Durham wanted to justify shutting down any further "investigation".

  14. Keith Olbermann is like "SURE Mueller had 2 years to investigate collusion and came up with nothing, but this one case about an already globally debunked "Trump tower Alfa Bank server" story totally proves all of Russiagate. VINDICATED!"

  15. Somehow 3 Clinton donors made it to the jury. Somehow the judge was appointed by Obama. Somehow the Jury ignored all the evidence and found him not guilty. Bizarro world.

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