Why Corporate Media HATES The “Twitter Files” w/ Matt Taibbi

The so-called “Twitter Files” information dump continues, with the latest round from journalist Matt Taibbi detailing more of the uncomfortably close ties between the social media giant and various government agencies and individuals demanding censorship of various people and perspectives. Yet the mainstream, corporate media still tried to depict these revelations as a “nothingburger.” Why do you think that is?

Guest host Aaron Maté and Taibbi share their opinions about the mainstream response and how the criticism has grown increasingly nasty and personal.

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  1. You have to take into account that the CIA was really begun by Klaus Barbie. They wanted to fight communism and thought the german gestapo had the best techniques. Censoring and directing the conversation was a big part of it.

  2. So I love Matt and his work, but I've been wondering something for a long time and I don't know how polite it would be to ask him this directly, so…does anybody know why he started wearing a hat all the time a while ago? It seems like the only times he doesn't have one on is when he's on Maher's show or something like that. Is it just "I don't feel like shaving my whole head today when I'm not even going anywhere and I'm just gonna be doing calls, so I'm just gonna cover up the bald part," or what?

  3. "Right" believes in free speech; "left" doesn't. "Left" believes in BIG GOVERNMENT and that government knows best what to think and what to say and what should be allowed to be thought and be allowed to be said. "Right" believes in a small government and a free marketplace of ideas, find out what works through fair and open and transparent competition. What do you think? Think! Courage.

  4. I shouldn’t be surprised that even the so-called left independent media are just smearing Matt T and also against Brianna Joy Grey for force the vote. They’re scared of the truth of the dems so they attack the absolute best of us. I had to unsubscribe from TYT and Majority Report. I can’t take it any more!

  5. Someone said that a lie can only take root and become dominant, if there is 100% media control. It only takes one big platform to shine truth, and all the other ones eventually collapse. The struggle they will give on that down slope will be dangerous. I would be VERY careful if I was MT.

  6. This should surprise no one, this is the most corrupt government in history of the world. Nothing short of bloodshed in the streets is going to change it and maybe not even then!

  7. Think Matt is doing a great job. What I jcan NOT understand is why Bari Weiss – who is an Israeli "attack dog on steroids " for the Israeli lobby – was brought on board? Surely she will seek out any information on twitter accounts pertaining to proPalestinian account & get information on them & pass them on to her master's in the "Lobby"? Matt – great, Bari Weiss – not so!

  8. This Twitter story is massive. The overreach by our non elected US Security State is now so open and complete that any American listening simply doesn’t know what to think or believe anymore.

    One thing that is clear, they are evil.

  9. For crying out loud. Matt the reason the DNC has way more requests for censorship is because they don't want the Republicans side to be heard. The DNC ideology can't withstand scrutiny.

  10. Lazy ass fake journalists who don't know their ass from their elbow and don't have someone handing them a scripted narrative to regurgitate verbatim hate real journalists like Taibbi who dig for the truth until they uncover it no matter where it takes them. They're being exposed for the fake journalists they really are by the likes of Taibbi. It's truly sickening watching the MSM spewing their nonstop bullshit as the masses blindly accept it as gospel truth while those of us who have the ability and think for ourselves watch on in bewilderment at those sheeple. It's truly astonishing to watch what the world has devolved into.

  11. Corporate media hates the Twitter files because they are all guilty of the same violations of our first amendment. They just haven’t had anybody by the mountain disclose it yet but it’s going to come out. Look for this to go all the way to the Supreme Court and there’s no way the Supreme Court abdicates their responsibility here.

  12. With so many shocking reveals (with receipts) and YET, majority of the USA people are still not alarmed or angered to find they have been cheated and manipulated in so many ways by a small group of people in power…. YOU HAVE ONLY YOURSELF TO BLAME AMERICA. What has happened to people as a whole to be so calm or not care but keep taking the abuse and keep their head down instead of organizing a witch hunt to root out all these evil corrupted people in control. Especially the Left… who hate the Right so much they rather 'cut their nose off to spit the face'.

  13. As if a still top secret yet international branch of every census bureau is dictating and funding a population control "hate is more than a figure of speech" steamroller monster, replacing actual welcome to planet earth education for the children. (Michael, stop helping)

  14. I'm about 2 minutes away from buying a Matt taibi T shirt. He is one of a handful of super star journalists, this generation, when in another era he would be the crown jewel of a major media outlet, in this one, his independence is what gives him the ability to do the work he does. Thank God for men like taibi, greenwald, and mate. keep fighting the good fight, and keep yourselves safe. Accidents and tragedy follow truth tellers, the establishment won't just lie down. they'll prefer to march us through the gates of hell, at gunpoint, before they let their percieved omnipotence slip from their grasp.

  15. Everybody in the American government and everybody in the mainstream news media should be locked up for lying and for propaganda and for crimes against their own citizens these people are cropped for a few dollars

  16. If the Dems and RINOs put 1/10 of the energy they put into controlling the narrative just to remain in power and desecrate the country, we would have a utopian Shangri-La to live, work and love in.

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