Why #DarkBrandon Meme Crashed Twitter

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  1. To break it down in needless detail, you have Dark Brandon saying "No more malarky, Jack."

    Okay, it's a threat. You can say Trump had similar memes made about him too, sure. You have to ask then, who is this threat aimed at?

    The media? Not likely. They all bend to his whims and fluff him endlessly.

    Social media and other big corporations? Can't be as they all walk in lockstep with the democratic party and their messaging.

    Government? Maybe but only in the sense of their opposition, the Republicans.

    Other nations? Hardly. He's bent the knee to damn near every other form of opposition there is.

    So who is left? Who is this threat aimed at? Really there's only the American people. The every day person who has to suffer through the ills that are being wrought by these terrible policies.

    And instead of a face of comfort and leadership to look towards, you get Dark Brandon staring back at you. Telling you to shut up with your malarkey.

    Why would this meme ever work? I don't understand it.

  2. Well neither side could really handle criticism…
    I mean I remember years ago targets with Clinton and other assorted politicians being sold, and the left hollered about it and whatever and the Republicans said all you guys are just being ridiculous about it blah blah blah…

    But then when it came down to Trump and Kathy Griffin stupid cut his head off thing within the Republicans freak out just as bad as the Democrats did years ago it's retarded they're all f**** stupid!!

  3. Oh meaningless and empty phrases…
    You mean just like most of last decade on Facebook where every other dork was posting some idiotic pseudo philosophical quote!!

  4. Who knows if the dark Brandon meme even came from democrat voters. All of those do not seem to show Brandon as cool but more as a dangerous Problem like Sauron.

  5. Trump threw the election, he ran a lousy campaign and got pace with him back in 2020 I bitched about it amongst family and friends all summer he threw that election whether he likes that or not!!

  6. Dark Brandon, mmmm, makes me think of him sniffing children, that shit is pretty dark, that and his collection of small shoes he's got in his attic. The dude is dark alright but not in a strong way in a disgusting filthy way.

  7. lol, it's funny you mention this but there was a time earlier in the year that I had the unfortunate 'honour' of having to co-exist with certain leftists. They're in this weird denial that they can't meme and instead they're saying the RIGHT can't meme. They're also stealing memes the right came up with, so it's pretty amusing seeing how much copium is on display. In the end I had to abandon political discussion with them altogether because there was only so much crap I could take. But I'm sure they think they won and believe I'm just too close-minded to care.

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