Why Democracy Now sucks

The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate are joined by activist and comedian Randy Credico to discuss the pathetic state of Democracy Now, once a beacon of antiwar journalism and now a reliable fount of regime change propaganda that sandbagged Julian Assange when he was fighting for his freedom against the CIA.

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  1. C'mon guys. I think you're being too harsh. I'm late to this party, but I have to add that. I agree that DN has changed and it's probably due to donors, but it's hardly corporate media. When's the last time you heard Medea Benjamin on MSNBC? Amy still provides a platform for a wide spectrum of voices you won't hear in the mainstream. I hate that she seems to side with the "Democratic" party more than ever before, and that she rarely does stories on the economy/class war, and I hear your criticism of her coverage of Syria, Russiagate and Ukraine. Re Assange, she moderated the Belmarsh Tribunal for Chrissake! What is an alternative daily news show right now? The Chris Hedges Report is only weekly. I look forward to watching your daily show.

  2. you are looking at Democracy Now entertaining wider perspectives, even those within the establishment, rather than shifting rightward. Amy Goodman still has the instict to liberate oppressed people

  3. The three of you are gross denial. Assange accepted information from Russian hackers and published it – DNC emails – to undermine the Democratic Party in the 2016 election. This is clear and obvious fact and the three of you are in denial. Then, you go on to deny that Russia interfered with 2016 election by manipulating social media platforms. If this is false, why does Mueller enumerate 27 arrests and prison sentences for lying to Congress and the FBI in 'the Mueller Report?' Since you enjoy repeating the trump remark that there was no collusion, you are in denial. Lastly, you are fascists for supporting the Russian fascists and Putin, the fascist. The three of you are naive, uninformed and in denial.

  4. If assange wasnt such a latent anti-semite I would actually support him but the fact that he disseminated just out right lies about Israel, serious out right and utter and complete LIES about Israel as a Jewish person I simply could NOT under any circumstances support him.

    While assange may have gotten many things correct, much like a broken clock which gets the time right at least once a day, a broken clock is still a broken clock.

    If assange were given the option to be taken in for medical mental evaluation, as nefarious as that may seem, to use the same broken clock analogy there are instances where humanity would truly benefit if mental medical evaluation were used as humanely as it is promised. If assange were given that option and he agreed to that I could possibly get onboard.

    But assange is truly a latent anti-semite/anti-JEWISH-anti-semite and it seems that comes out of australia a little too often which shouldnt surprise anyone considering the fact that australia is all too close borderline authoritarian state. If anyone as any doubts about that just look at how brutal they were to their own citizens who did not comply with all the directives and mandates that the australian gov implemented during the covid lock downs throughout 2020 all the way in to 2022.

    That is something I never would have imagined any english speakng country would possibly do, I had this image about all english speaking countries being rational and using some kind of national conversation. But instead the brutal authoritarianism I saw coming out of australia, my own thoughts are if I ever see an australian pig on vacation here in NYC I'll gladly beat him/her down to a bloody pulp and do the time for it. Those australian PIG bastards had an option, they did NOT have to be so brutal in how they chose to 'uphold' the mandates, but they made a concsious choice to exercise power over their fellow autralians and they did so brutally.

    So it is a bit hypocritical for assange to cast aspersions on Israel especially without being able to truly back up any claims he made and especially without an ounce of evidence to support any such ridiculous attack.

    Assange needs truly serious mental help and I mean that in the most humane way possible, because for certain any discovery that is made while assange may be under evaluation would certainly be helpful to humanity. I'll repeat, I mean this in the most humane way possible he needs true mental help to help him discover why he holds such deeply rooted anti-semtic/anti-Israel views because any claims he has every made about Israel were utterly fabricated.

  5. Dem Now did some particularly egregious pro-Ukraine propaganda yesterday (Thursday)! Every time I think they've hit rock bottom with State Dept prop they sink to a new low.

  6. I used to love Democracy Now, but when they added those new co-anchors heads they really annoyed me, it seemed phony and they weren't very good. then the coverage got ridiculous and now i never watch it, although you tube keeps feeding me their videos.

  7. It always changes with the money. Everyone has a price and obviously someone found Amy's. You don't have to look far to see all those that changed their political views for the money…Colbert, Maher, Oliver, Bee, etc.

  8. I feel like all the sites like Democracy Now or NPR etc.. went downhill as soon as Obama became president. They supported him unconditionally. If a Republican had been elected instead of Obama but governed exactly the same, they would have viciously attacked all the policies they turned a blind eye to with Obama.

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