Why Democrats Lost In Virginia Is Painfully Obvious

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. Jimmy, you should be careful about relying on FL's numbers. I have no way of knowing whether those numbers are real—just like all the other COVID numbers. If you all do, please let us know how you know which numbers are real.

  2. Jimmy when these fake progressives online attack you it just reinforces my opinion about these corporate tools These creatures are worst than right wing war mongers because they dress their reactionary politics in liberal garb and language They use the words of Liberation while actively supporting endless wars and austerity for the working class and the poor

  3. Unfortunately Jimmy, theirs a huge amount of Democrats and democratic voters that actually believe the Democratic party has gone to far left. As far Republican voters, their already sold that the Democrats are to far left. Sad state of affairs, were so lost!!

  4. Yes Jimmy, the Democrats are too far left in terms of policy (because conservative policies actually generally provide for a better economy whether you lefties like it or not) and also, most definitely too far left in terms of ideology. No white person (even centrist and center-left leaning types) want to be told they are white supremacists and they certainly don't want their kids hearing this BS in school. We all really know what the ideology will amount to if put into nationwide practice, even though the people who oppose it won't say the quiet part out loud. In practice it will amount to an anti-white version of Jim Crow if there's no pushback. People see the writing on the wall and that's why Dems are losing. But yeah, you morons can sit there and keep pretending that the problem is they aren't left enough. LOL! What a joke!

  5. Bill Crystal lost his conservative creds when he threw Trump under the bus after accomplishing more conservative and Republican policies than any other previous GOP Prez. Same as Colin Powell became a Dem to support Obama.

  6. Terry McCauliff "Right Wing" LMAO, he's one of those left wing corporate guys that gets his big money from pro-censorship, globalists, transnational corporations that never support anyone to the center of George Soros and Ben and Jerry.

  7. Problem was when Trump was president the media and corporate Republicans sided with the Dems in an Establishment war against the populists.
    Trump did propose a fix of health care but the Rinos and the Dems were more interested in impeaching him, to keep anything from being fixed.

  8. 200,000 people didn't die because they didn't have healthcare. Everyone has healthcare. All those people who died of Covid could have been saved but the CDC and the media blocked treatments options to push vaccine mandates. And lies about natural immunity, comorbidities, diet and exercise.

  9. 👴I ran on bringing back the soul to America.i worked for people who voted for me & those that didn't .
    I told my Donors that nothing will fundamentally change.
    🇺🇸No Hope no Change 2024🇺🇸

  10. I live in Capitol Hill, Seattle. The most left neighborhood in the city. There is a large portion of people here that are fucking insane. They egg each other on and drive one another further woke and further dogmatic.

  11. Jimmy, Critical Race Theory was devised by eminent scholarly Black lawyers who are legal scholars. The central thrust of Critical Race Theory is racism toward Blacks has been historically woven into the fabric of American institutions. And concomitantly permeates the legal structure of the American legal system. Jimmy never criticizes Trump. Or better said he is tacitly disingenuously endorsing Trump by never referencing Trump. A sizeable number, if not the consensus, of Jimmy Dore's audience who write comments and replies (And it can be safely conjectured a sizeable number of his general viewing audience too.) political predilections are analogous to Republicans in Red and Swing States, the Trump voters. Dore is disingenuously and tacitly entreating this demographics of his audience. Jimmy Dore knows very well if his show does not consistently have overtures to mollify this demographics. His audiences will precipitously decline.

  12. When a political party enthusiastically backs a school board that twice got punked by a skirt-wearing boy who just wanted an excuse to be in the girl's bathroom, you eventually lose your credibility as a party.

  13. There's no working with or challenging the entrenched bureaucrats . They are protected at all costs by the corporate oligarchy. No capitalism has existed in this country since the late 1880's. Govt sucks at everything cause it ain't there money they're spending , it's ours ! And people are seriously believing govt should give us Healthcare? O.m.g. , we would be better off trusting a budtender at the dispensary! Everything gets financed by the ever shrinking middle class , poor people pay very little taxes , I'm 1 of them, we will all be serfs and own nothing but we will be happy , right ?

  14. We are the losers not these morons from the Democratic Party establishment. You are looking at this picture from a wrong perspective. Corporate 2-party electoral system thrives on chaos, endless crisis, endless wars, luck of strong leadership and general confusion. When they let us vote for a moron it is not because they are morons but because they think that we are morons and we need a relatable leader. Manufactured popular perception that Mr. Magoo and Orange Clown are running the show is very helpful in stupefying the country. And if enough gullible people will buy into this story then the system will go on and on until it dies. Just like every other empire before USA.

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