Why Did the Government Go After Yemen Drone Program Whistleblower Daniel Hale?

Whistleblower Daniel Hale was sentenced this week to 4 years in prison. Not for assaulting or killing someone, but for exposing that the US is killing people, en masse, using drones.

And this is happening in Yemen, across the planet from the United States, where the people of Yemen are starving and dying already — while the Saudi Arabian monarchy continues to wage war on them.

Longtime whistleblower reporter Kevin Gosztola, managing editor of & co-host of the podcast Unauthorized Disclosure, tells the story of Daniel Hale.

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  1. Aside from the outrageous nature of this case, I think it very clearly epitomises the significant and crucial disconnect between internal and foreign politics in the US. Whenever there are electoral races, debates and elections, everything focuses very heavily on the internal issues (where there are some tangible differences between Dems and Reps), but the media sidelines foreign policy as if it was inconsequential and of no interest to the US public, and many genuiinely don't care. They don't realise their money is being spent on atrocities around the world while they struggle for access to good education, housing and healthcare, something on which there is a very solid bipartisan consensus.

  2. There are NO guilty victims of US drone bombings. If they are fighting occupying westerners no matter what the tactics, they are defending their homeland. Please stop distinguishing between civilians and enemy combatants. You further CIA talking points!