‘Why do Democrats hate audits?’ Jim Jordan goes on tirade during Arizona election hearing

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) rips Democrats during his Q&A during a House Oversight hearing entitled, “Assessing the Election Audit in Arizona and Threats to American Democracy.”

Written by The Hill

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  1. one party audit really transparent jordan must have been some coach is that the way he wined and rebuked when the other team won and he's blind with the things that went on with his team shame

  2. Why do democrats hate audits? Because they're expensive, put people's personal data in the hands of incompetent hyper-partisan conspiracy theorists and most of all they're unnecessary. The contested results have ALREADY BEEN AUDITED, over and over.The question really should be: why do Republicans insist on them? If they don't get the result they want they just deny the results anyway. All they've proven so far is that Biden won by more votes than previously recorded.

  3. Because there have been audits, double and triple checks and this is political theater that perpetuates a lie dangerous to our democracy. That's why.

  4. More information without bias should be welcomed. I doubt either party wants full disclosure. I don’t like Trump however the swamp is real in every society.

  5. He just said exactly what they did with the money and where its listed. But, Dems dont hate audits, they hate private groups called CyberNinjas….you know the group that has never done a audit in their lifetime. Did they ever find that bamboo? No, they found out Trump lost by more than he originally lost by…lol. Good Job idiots, tax payer money gone..private money gine, all to see Trump lose again and by more.

  6. Anyone with any sense knows the 2020 election is illegitimate . This is an occupation and a coup against the constitution and the people of this country. It will come to blows, I foresee the next election also being decided in favor of the anti American party. That's when everyone else wakes up. I have begun to prepare for the inevitable chaos that will ensue. I hope my efforts will be sufficient to keep my children from harms way. I really think that this is going to get bad. I truly hope at least a part of the military sides with the people