Why do the SJWs try to Normalise Paedophilia?

I do think that when you de-sacralise the inherent nature of a human body, then you open the door to treating that as an extension of the will, rather than the basis of it.

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  1. Many left wing thinkers taught in Academia were pedophiles or ran with pedophiles. Foucault, Derrida, Althessur, and a few others assigned last semester all signed a petition in 1977 to revoke age of consent laws. The age of consent in France was 15

  2. Let's not forget about an invasive ideology (which cannot be named) that supports sex with children. The same ideology that will soon be in control of government and implement it's way of life on all of us. We need to pave the way for these people because THAT is the new reality.

  3. I always wondered why, in history, there was a rise, then fall of the LGBT types. I mean, at the height of ancient Greece, this sort of behavior was allowed….then they were heavily repressed. Just the fall of ancient Greece, Rome, etc. (which had these toleration policies at the time) is suspicious enough, but now, I can see why those folks might get attacked, if only a few leftists used them to justify this sort of behavior. In a way, they are being used as pawns for power by others, outside of their group.

  4. As a fellow father, someone goes near my child with the intent to lay a finger on a single hair on their head I legitimately would be likely to commit a premeditated murder.

  5. I'm 20, you might as well say I'm still a child. I'm young, I do not have any kids. But I do have a younger brother, He is 12.
    I know I would go to hell and back for him, even though he is kind of an asshole, I would never let any grown man come near him, fuck it. Even if it was legal to ask a child out, if it was legal to have intercourse with a "consenting" minor. I would honestly murder anyone trying that. You might think that is animalistic and wrong and you would be as bad as them.
    I do not care, I could not care less. Any parent would do the same, any brother would do the same. Any mother, any father. Because children are something sacred and when I get some of my own I will raise them to be the same. With morals and dignity, strong enough to protect their eventual children and so on.
    Anyone who thinks a parent would just let them walk away with their child, unharmed, is well. Let's just say it would fall under natural selection if you think society would accept this.

  6. One thing I do think is that if a peadophile has never acted on his thoughts in that area and seeks out mental health help to try and help him or her with being a peadophile they should receive that help to stop help stop them from watching child porn or raping children

  7. It's more that socialists hate the family unit, because normal people like it. They're the hipsters of politics. They don't think pedophiles do anything wrong because they don't believe in anything

  8. I just literally had a run-in with a BLM activist who advocated for pedophiles being allowed to work in kindergartens "so long as he wasnt in charge of kids that could not consent"….
    I didnt ask which kids COULD.

  9. Sargon, the fact you're an atheist but think like Christians do, I think you are a far better Christian, than you realize. Christians don't stand for "hating" as we are unfairly characterized. We know what's right and what's wrong, and want people to do what is right, not what is wrong. We can still love all, because we are all made in God's image, and we don't hate people who do what we consider wrong, we hate what they are doing—and they don't have to do it. They have a choice. Thank you for another great video.

  10. Yeah, but… pedos are not defined by behaviour. Refusing to acknowledge the difference between predators and other pedos is not helpful. Repressing your own messed up desires is not easy, so we should be offering help for those who are willing to receive it. Until now the problem has been "dealt with" in the same way as we've dealt with drug problems: paranoia, ineffective police action and making sure nobody can talk about it.

  11. They try to normalize it because they are evil.
    They have supported this crap since the late 60s

    Poop eating is also found in nature.. so why isn't that considered normal too?
    Or necro-pedophilia? Corpses are just dead meat so what's the problem eh?

    I got recently 30 days in FB-jail for asking when are the necro-pedos getting their own stripe to the rainbow flag.

  12. Todd Nickerson never defended having sex with children. His point was simply that pedophiles who don't abuse children are deserving of the same treatment as everyone else. The situation today is that becoming known to have an attraction to children will, at best, ruin a person's life, and, at worst, cost a person his/her life. That's not good, for a multitude of reasons, not least because it results in such caution that pedophiles don't dare seek help to control their impulses. If a person has anger management issues, and is a potential murderer, he/she will be applauded for seeking help; that's how it should be for anyone seeking help to control harmful impulses.

    It seems to me that Nickerson's point should be eminently agreeable to Sargon, seeing as he's arguing that having to suppress immoral impulses is perfectly normal. Talk about normalizing pedophilia. And violence. And rape. And theft. Why do classical liberals try to do that?

  13. I think Milo Iannopoulis was attacked just before his public show and book deal because somebody found old quotes of his where he deplored pa3dop8ilia and admitted that he was abused, but admitted that he enjoyed aspects of his abuse. That was 'problematic'. A way to knock him down.

  14. Just google SJW views on pedophilia. The top results will be articles from CBC and NY times saying pedophilia is not a crime, but a disorder. Oh, and the arguments there are fucking ridiculous. Just google that shit. As a Russian even I know what are these companies, they're not some small time news papers. These are fucking media giants telling everyone that pedophilia is ok. Not long ago. maybe 3 years or smth I was called a conspiracy theorist when said that at some point SJW will try to normalize pedophilia

  15. They are only okay with it cause either they are pedos or they know they have no chance in hell to have a kid that isnt as pretty as the shit i take so it wont backfire on them.

  16. Akkad Daily hahaha even you who are atheist turn to Christianity for guidance. That is natural because atheism can't help you for it isn't sacred , only the Word of God is sacred and clear and immediately sheds light that separates the darkness from the good/moral things.