Why do they accept Beijing’s foolish projects? 9 nations are also on the brink of bankruptcy

After emerging from a civil war in 2009, Sri Lanka, a Southeast Asian country, grew to become a middle- to a high-income country in less than a decade. But all this changed when Sri Lanka joined the “One Belt, One Road” project initiated by Beijing. On July 5th, 2022, the Sri Lankan government declared state bankruptcy, followed by massive public protests and a direct storming of the presidential palace. On the 14th, after fleeing to Singapore, the President emailed his resignation letter to the Speaker of Parliament.
Have decision-makers in Sri Lanka ever done a risk assessment of the projects in question? Sri Lankan leaders aren’t “too simple and sometimes naïve” people, in the words of former CCP leader Jiang Zemin. But it isn’t hard for the CCP to handle them. In fact, the CCP has rich theoretical guidance and practical experience in this regard.

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  1. With the Belt and Road initiative, China is actually taking from the playbook of the United States. In the second half of the 20th century the US has created many similar debt traps for developing countries in South America and the Middle East disguised as infrastructure projects. The real goal is control of a cheap supply of natural resources. If the countries refuse to comply, they get invaded (e.g. The Iraq War). The book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” goes into detail about the history and process. Now China has the economic and military might to replicate what the US has been doing for decades.

  2. Why do they accept it? Simply put Ego. Just like how China has all those dumb projects like Foresting the Gobi or building a Dam in the Himalayas. These are Ego projects. To show the world that their little poor nation is not a little poor nation.

    But in the end, reality strucks back, and shows reality to the small poor nation.

  3. Also another reason Sri Lanka went to shit, is because they tried to cater to both sides. The US and China. China was displeased with that.

    Putin has said it very clear. This is the start of a Shift in the World Order.

    Sri Lanka failed to take a side, so China decided to mess with them and fuck them. This is what happens if you don't our side.

    China and Russia are using Sri Lanka as a martyr for their Agenda. They want the rest of the Developing World to see this is what happens when you choose the US and its allies.

    Even though they are the ones behind the collapse of their Economy. It's very fucked up.

    They cause the mess, and then once the mess is done they will blame it on the US, and because of the intense hatred towards the US in the Southern Hemisphere, people will believe them.

  4. This is not true, Chinese loans consists of 10% of the entire dept.The rest and most of belongs to the USA,World Bank*(read USA) Japan…You may check this info if you don't believe me on the Shri Lankan governments official webpage and even on DW(deutsche Welle web page). This entire analysis is just focused on projecting what USA government DOES trough so called free market. Shri Lankan government was and still is inefficient and corrupt regardless from whom they take the loan. This entire channel should be called "anti-china insights".

  5. What have you put on title, knowingly why these countries are embracing Chinese dead trap? The answer is, the greed of Elite class political parties and the supreme leaders of these countries for Chinese cash. Even people of these countries are not that much innocent, they were also supporting all these sins of their leaders when they were selling their land for Chinese date. Secondly these small South Asian nations were taking advantage of china India rivalry that's why for balancing both countries these tiny nations have been taking money from both side while ccp has captured their lands and ports through date trap my stupid nonsense Indian government only gave help didn't take anything. Ccp has also influenced the elections of these countries to make their supportive party head the country's head like Rajapaksa in Shrilanka or oli sharma in Nepal or military koo in mianmar. Ccp doesn't give democratic rights to Chinese but take complete advantage of democratic process of each and every democratic country in the World either South Asian small democratic countries or big democracies like Europe India USA etc for put a favourable person on the top of the position of that country who will support the interest of Chinese Communist Party there. Actually ccp is main beneficiary of democracy in these democratic countries. Under the freedom of speach ccp has been spreading unrest in these countries and investing money in political parties entertainment industry and media. Actually all these ideas ccp has learned from past tacktick of USA. How to tuple a country

  6. Your political analysis are weakly structured compared to your videos on Chinese culture . You could watch polynation’s explanation on Chinese “debt trap” for further info.

    Also your last sentence just ends up shutting the credibility on your entire video, this is barely a 10 year old statement.

  7. Great video! I agree the G7 should not follow its path but let those who chose to mismanage their own country figure it out for themselves. That 600 bn should be used in the g7 countries instead. Sri Lanka will recover as they are working with the IMF to help rebuild their country. I hope they realize china was never for them

  8. Why anyone would think China, famous for ghost towns and ghost complexes – would build anything other than ghost complexes in their crappy villages at huge profit to the Chinese government, is ridiculous. So ridiculous in fact, that it is only explained through corruption and theft directly into the leaders pockets, which no doubt is why leaders who made these decisions will end up fleeing, as this one did.

  9. if sri lankan want a real change stop buying made in china products and support your local products be the first country that not doing business with china

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