Why Dutch Farmers Are RISING UP Against Elite Tyranny, Climate Activists

Political scientist at Webster University Vienna, Ralph Schoellhammer, breaks down Dutch farmers’ protests against climate policies.

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  1. Sri Lanka was a very clear example. COVID Lockdown, ESG push, unsettle scholarly Tyranny destroyed the country.

    (… No matter how hard Sri Lanka does, the average temperature of the earth will not change by 0.01 degrees in 2050)

  2. The WEF is enacting a worldwide starvation agenda on the people of humanity. The Dutch Farmers revolt and the Sri Lankan government overthrown are first symptoms of this worldwide action. Canada, the USA, Britain and all jurisdictions on the planet are being subject to a culling of the human species by the WEF and their evil agenda. The WEF is working to deindustrialize the majority of the planet.

  3. im more worried we are becoming a communist economy..a global communist economy.. nazis and communisslts came together during ww2 its silly to think we havent been taken cant read cursive now

  4. You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about when you blindly endorse nuclear energy. Safe and happy nuclear energy is only a myth propagated by another sector of globalists and there is very little that had been proven about what they claim it to be. Nuclear energy plants are immediate target of terrorism, sabotage, missile and EMP attacks. Think about what natural disasters like earthquakes and rising sea levels could do to storage facilities. Think what some countries and its corrupt governments could do with their nuclear wastes. Dumping it or weaponizing it? Nuclear energy still is a bad news. You should first try to use less yourself and stop pushing your version of capitalist realism junk on to the world.

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