Why Everyone Hates Amber Heard

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Written by Isaac Butterfield

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  1. All I know is that the MeToo movement is a joke, always was a joke and has been manipulated by an idiot.
    So. Back to listening to everyone and decisions being made in a court of law.

  2. I think the outcome will be incredibly simple: Johnny wins, still gets literally nothing but what Amber owed him (eventually, because she isn't successful enough to have any money other than his) and "slowly" begins to find work again. Along the way, he sues every news outlet still writing lies about him and wins maybe 1/3 to 2/4 of them before said news outlets start to see the trend, and choose to release ANOTHER report correcting any "misconceptions" they MAY be responsible for giving the general public, of Johnny Depps character. And lastly-only just after all of that is said and done-WB will drop and discontinue all contractual involvement with Amber Heard and more than likely, the reason will NOT be because the movies she's casted in continues to COST them profits instead of helping to bring in anything substantial (most definitely, the loss in profits will simply be because she has been casted and people won't approve of it) and instead, the reasons they give for cutting her loose will have more to do with how much of an ass she's made herself into over this entire ordeal; consequently, I suspect Disney will pick her up instead, because that just seems to be how unethical Disney is these days.

  3. Why didn’t depps lawyers bring up that his mother died when he was slamming cabinets? That makes a world of difference in how you view that video and that should’ve been reiterated throughout the trial.

  4. All the reason why are in the recording of the trial ( even hers ) and for more info in her 2 cross exams. Camelliator blasted her sorry ass to another dimension.

  5. If I had to choose between dying or defending Amber Heard, I‘ll just choose the dying option, because I’d rather have that happen to me than mindlessly defending an absolutely evil woman.

  6. Why does Amber think that she is worth DOUBLE what Johnny Depp is worth? She was never a leading lady! And she was right on one thing; this has got to change. The way that men are villainized, made to be monsters, when they could be innocent, this HAS to change! And it's clear that she has LIED so often, I can't believe a word that she says. She should be thrown in prison for making false allegations!!

  7. I thought he started beating up the cupboards because some dude stole a coupla million off him not because his mothers death…she is such a scumbag…shes fd herself cause what man is gonna date her after this? Who can trust her

  8. How the fuck did this get traction?

    JD has been in the public limelight for 40 fucking years, and has never once been accused, let alone CHARGED, with anything like this.
    AH, on the other hand, ….. you only have to go back to her last relationship, where she abused her partner.

    This bullshit where you're guilty until proven innocent has to stop.

    Turd made some EXTREMELY serious and disgusting accusations, so of course they have to be investigated… but with a healthy degree of scepticism.

    I heard JD raise his voice in those recordings, … but what I DIDN'T hear, was JD raising his voice CAUSING AH to become distressed.

    The times when JD became loud, AH was louder and more confrontational.
    Alternately, the times AH became distressed, JD was calmly talking, saying he wanted to leave, or "Let's stop and talk again in the morning", etc, etc.

    You can't take the RESULT of one argument (AH becoming distressed), and tie it to the EVENTS of a different argument (one where JD raised his voice).

    She was NEVER scared of JD.

    If your partner calls you a:
    "Old f#*king, washed up, fat piece of sh!t, etc, etc".
    And you retaliate:
    "You're a dirty f#*king, no good stinking whore, etc, etc"
    That is NOT abuse, because BOTH parties have decided to throw reason out the window, and instead unload on each other and let off some steam.

    But from what I've seen in this trial, it was AH who constantly forced JD into arguments he did not want to be part of.

    THAT is abuse.

    It's starting to seem like a person can beat the shit out of their partner, but if the partner finally has enough and says:
    "Fuck off!"
    ….. THAT'S VERBAL ABUSE!, ……..
    ……. so how about we say you were both in the wrong and call it quits?

    And a battered and bruised JD limps off with half a finger and a cigarette burn on his face, …… and AH strolls off saying "I can't believe that cunt called me a cunt".

  9. I’m an advocate for domestic abuse survivors. I believe that AH is taking advantage of the system for financial gain & to further her status & career. I feel JD’s reputation is being tarnished out of spite, not truth. I fear real survivors of abuse may remain silent or reluctant to come forward. AH has set-back a movement with her lies & false allegation by bringing attention & awareness to the negative impact & consequences for reporting abuse. AH is a very troubled woman both emotionally & mentally. She simply needs help. After this trial is over, I hope she can get the help she needs.

  10. She's insane the movie Gone Girl crazy, absolutely terrifying, whisky bottle whilst missing the top off his finger, holding her by the throat, with one hand, while one of those hands had the top of his finger shredded to the bone, now I'm not a man, but listen to his exes statements about him, would never ever……let alone in agonising pain, and his sobriety broke down because he was being sent crazy, insane crazy for being gaslighted daily, so, take drugs, because that's what he knew, because his mother done the same thing, they are hopeless because look at what the have to work with, Isaac I know you're a comedian, but this was no joke, she's so evil, no, the worst part was when she was laughing and mocks him, yeah she a narcissistic, histrionic, borderline, basically a heartless brain dead as in no mirror neurons for empathy, yes it does, she's vile, do you even read the comment section 🤷‍♀️, my mum was Jake the muss abused I was mentally and physically abused and it's because I know those behaviours I could see her guilt well before she opened her mouth, and my no. 1 favourite actor ever since I 1st seen him in still crazy , is Bill Nighy, 2nd favourite Davis sutchet aka poirot, Kelsey grammer and the cast of Fraser, and Colin Morgan and the cast of merlin, I loved johnny Depp in the Peter pan movie, oh and Edward scissor hands. So movies not for me, as a human being he's beautiful, I've always thought that, I'm an English fan, not any American movies really, and she's not a big actress, she's nobody, especially now, Jason mamoa didn't like her, when the star Is unhappy, the irrelevant sidekick is gone, or in her case, paid and cut to a bare minimum, people won't watch the movie and they know it, watch a recap if you have any time to squeeze something that I believe is important, I have 2 grown sons an 5 of my 7 grandchild are boys, and 2 years ago in Tasmania a young man was run down and killed in broad daylight, by his ex girlfriend who had already been charged for stabbing his, he had a restraining order on her, he left a house she showed up at, she put 3 children in the car, 1 was his, seen him at the servo, and ran him down and killed him, him and God knows how many others are why this matters, I don't give a f##k when I say, I do believe women should be taken seriously as victims or as abusers, and same wage for the same work, but in my house, I love being a woman, I love being strong and nurturing, boys are young men or ….boys unless they tell me different, my granddaughters are my baby girls or little witches unless they tell me different, and they know they neither want or need the backing of freaky weird strangers because this family stands strong together, and if a woman done this to one of My sons, he wouldn't have to raise a hand, because I'd have all fatal areas covered, and if amber heard think a fake bruise looked bad 😆😆😆😆 she wouldn't be able to hold a mirror or phone after all 5ft of me was finished with her, for a looooong time 😡😈🙂✌🇦🇺.

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